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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Partial results are in and good.

This evening at rounds we learned from Dr. Farro, one of Oakes' Pulmonologist that preliminary results are in and they are good results! On a cellular level, Oakes' new lungs are much improved since the last biopsy. Dr. Farro had a big smile on his face as he shared the news with me.

To back track a day, yesterday during the biopsy, Dr. Farro stood in the hall outside of Oakes' room and shared promising news with me. Oakes weekly blood work had come in right before the biopsy showing significant decreases in all antibodies that they have been watching except for one of them. In the past these results have just shown marginal changes, some up a little, some down, but this weeks showed significant improvement.

So, tomorrow morning we should have the final results back indicating if the antibodies from the lung tissue are down or not. Dr. Farro told me that todays results looked promising. We are praying.

Tomorrow was supposed to be our first day of Radiation, but that appointment has been canceled until tomorrows results are in, and then his team will re-assess.

Not to detract from the good news, but Oakes had a rough day today. He was fighting the vent a bit, his stats dropped, he ended up with a little fever, then his blood gases got really scary so he was paralyzed. This has happened before, and usually once he is paralyzed and the vent can do its job his numbers always bounce right back, but for whatever reason this did not happen today. His number kept getting worse. It was a stressful day, but by early this evening his numbers finally looked good again.

I am praying that there is no more misbehaving in his room tonight, and that this was just a weird occurrence and not a huge set back. And of course, we are praying for amazing test results tomorrow. We are also saying some extra special prayers for Oakes' next door neighbor and girlfriend Elizabeth. She has had a string of rough days and needs a little boost. If you will, please keep Elizabeth and her sweet family in your thoughts and prayers.

Heartstrings to all of you.
I will update as soon as I hear something tomorrow.

Oakes today. Being a stud.

With his cute "All Star" socks on.

This is what a stud all star looks like.


  1. Becky - I don't know how you guys continue to ride the roller coaster of ups and downs throughout it all. Keeping fingers crossed for Oakes, prayers for all and some extra prayers for Ms. Elizabeth. Hoping for an uneventful night for you all.

  2. I'm hoping and praying for the best for Oakes and for Elizabeth. Hoping with expectation of a good outcome. With love from Dale.


  4. Hi Becky,
    Really happy for your preliminary labs. I am looking forward to hearing the rest. Sounds like yesterday was for the birds. I hope today is going much, much smoother. Do you think that little Oakes was reacting to his lung biopsy, or was this just something out of left field? Either way, boo!
    Please tell ms. Elizabeth that any friend of Oakes is a friend of mine, and she should expect to feel some good, healing thoughts. Also, please tell her mom and dad that she has some extra support out there and I an thinking of them as well.
    Alright, you and the stud have a great, relaxing day!
    Love to all-