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Monday, August 8, 2011


I know you have all been thinking about Oakes today and have been praying that that fever disappeared......and it has. Uneventful night. Feeds up to 24 mL an hour. Bloating is minimal, he looks better today than he has since transplant. Pheresis early this morning. Receiving chemo now, then will immediately get another chemo-like drug this evening. Still no need to paralyse him, he has been squirming more than ever. His right hand that is now free of an IV is now restrained because he was moving it awfully close to his vent tube. So far, another good day!

I am praying that his moving around is simple agitation. I pray it is his fathers temper flaring and it is not discomfort and pain. I pray that we do not see that temperature ever again. I pray that Oakes feels all of the love that surrounds him, and I pray on days like this when he is getting such heavy medications that he can easily drift off to his "happy place" and get away from the chemo, the tubs and tape and the beeps and buzzes of the machines around him.

Head over heels in love with Oakesie today! XO, Becky


  1. We will say all of those special prayers too, Becky!
    With love
    Suzanne, Adam, Nathan, Mallory &Kevin

  2. One of our prayers answered! The fever is gone!! Such wonderful news to hear. These heavy medication days must be hard on everyone, so we will say even more prayers and send more healing breaths to the Mighty Oakes. We are praying for continued boring, peaceful, happy days full of love for the Mighty Oakes and Ortyl family!! xoxo Emily and Jennie

  3. We will pray for you and Oakes too.
    Jake, Morghan, Hayden (3) and Ozzie (15months)

  4. Awesome!
    I showed Logan the pics with Oakes' bear and he was so excited to see someone else with a "bear bear"! He said he will now keep him in his night prayers! Praying for you and the rest of the family for a continued slow and steady revcovery--

    Christie L Smith

  5. I'm loving Oakes's happy place! Sending lots of heart strings to you all!
    Love, Aunt Sally and boys

  6. Hi Becky,
    I'm glad Oakes is looking good. Hope all this squirming is just Oakes deciding he is fed up and ready to beat this once and for all. You guys have all my thoughts!
    I'm blown away by you all:)
    Chris s

  7. Praying all those things with you! One thing I KNOW is that he feels the love pouring off of you and your loved ones when you are with him. So thankful for another good report.

  8. Sweet darling baby! Thanks for sharing this picture Becky! Continued love and prayers for you all.

  9. So relieved to hear that that fever has moved on!! Praying for peace for mommy and daddy tonight. Peace of mind to know that your little darlings feel your love for them. What lucky children they are!

  10. Praying daily and sending peaceful comforting thoughts Oakes' way! He is such a precious boy!