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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Good Stuff.

Spending some time focusing on the good stuff and wanted to share the cuteness. I took this about a month ago.


  1. Love the Mighty Oakes!!!! As my son would say, he is "Simply The Best!" (can you hear the song playing?!?!!?) Sending prayers and much love to you for another stable, healing night!!! xoxo, Emily

  2. Becky, everytime I read an update, I get chills. I sat here catching up on Oakes' updates and find myself crying in the process. The strength and courage that your little man has shown is absolutely amazing! I pray every day for your little man as I hold my little one (Adisyn) and hug her a little tighter each night and kiss my little man (Bryson) one extra time as I quietly say a prayer for your little fighter! Thank you so much for your updates and I try to read them daily,but sometimes fall a little behind. Keep kissing that beautiful baby and whisper to him how strong he is and how proud everyone is of him for his courageous daily fights. Let him know he is truly an inspiration to everyone and everyone's life that he has unknowingly touched! Love to you all!
    Kelli Tranchina Sharpe

  3. Oh my God, this is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I want to just eat him up!!! I bet it takes everything you've got not to just snatch him out of that bed and squeeze him silly!

  4. God bless that brave little heart! His Love and Light surround that precious body and to look at photos renews the inspiring thoughts and prayers to keep that spirit connecting what is good and pure and True in this world. The Healing Power in us All is Living in that tiny Soul each day Brave and Warm. God Bless Him and Keep Him Safe and Let that Spirit keep us connected to the Mighty Creator of us All.
    God Bless. Meredith in Pittsburgh