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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Congenital Heart Night at the Ballpark w/MOHF

All, good afternoon and Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mothers out there.  We hope everyone is having a fantastic Mother’s Day Weekend and enjoying this perfect weather (in St. Louis anyway).  We wanted to check in with everyone who bought tickets and/or apparel one last time before the game this coming Saturday night at Busch Stadium.  Many of the tickets/apparel were shipped to you last Tuesday and the remaining tickets/apparel will be shipped no later than this Tuesday, May 14th.  By Friday morning, May 17th, if you are missing anything, please let us know. 


Note for those of you who purchased visors – when we received the visors last week, they were not what we expected.  The logos were much smaller than anticipated and we did not love the way they looked, so we made the decision, due to time limitations and with the help of Dominion Promotions (, to replace each visor with a Cardinals MOHF ball cap.  So those who ordered the visor received the visor AND the ball cap.  If this does not work for you, we’re more than happy to refund the money you spent on the visor.


As for the game, here are the important details:


-          Gates open: ~ 2 hours before the game time or around 4:15pm

-          First Pitch: the Cardinals suggest if you definitely do not want to miss it, you should arrive by 5:30pm

-          Game Start:  6:15pm


Special thanks again to those of you who donated 61 tickets to families at the CICU.  Local television station, Channel 2 (Fox affiliate), will be doing a follow-up story to the story they did on Oakes on his 1st Birthday last year.  We’re hoping we can coordinate it so that the story documents MOHF donating the tickets to the CICU families as it happens.


We will see you all at the game.  I need to hear some good, loud cheers when I’m out there, so let Oakesie hear you when the announcer mentions him and the foundation!  Also, we’re told that throughout the game, the Cardinals will post the MOHF logo and a picture of Oakes, from time to time, on the video scoreboard.  So be on the lookout for that too.


We are looking forward to a fun night at the ballpark!  Thank you all. 




Greg, Becky, Isla


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

MOHF - 5/18 Cardinals Game

Good evening family and friends.  One last reminder on our upcoming Congenital Heart Awareness Night at Busch Stadium, Saturday May 18th.  We are trying to get all tickets sold by end of the day tomorrow as we owe the Cardinals ticket money Friday.  If you are out of town and cannot make the game, consider buying a ticket or two to donate.  Becky has promised to personally hand-deliver your donated ticket(s) to a family in the St. Louis Children’s Hospital CICU to help make their day if only a little bit better.  For ticket purchases, visit our events page and click “Reserve your tickets here” (  We have sold almost 500 tickets, an utterly astonishing number considering we’re a “small”, family-and-friends type of foundation right now with still so much room to grow over the coming years.  We’d like to sell 700 total tickets, but we realized that was a stretch goal.  Whatever the end number is, we’ll all be sitting in the same 4-5 sections together!  We cannot thank everyone enough for their continued support of the foundation we started in honor of our precious Oakes. 

We are still attempting to identify a place to meet before the game, for those so inclined.  I will keep ticket-purchasers updated as the event gets closer.  By the way, most of the t-shirts are in and they are AWESOME!!  We’ll be distributing tickets and apparel shortly.  It is bound to be a magical night.



Greg, Becky, Isla P. (the brand new 4 year old today!)