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Friday, January 21, 2011


I can not believe it has taken this long for me to post something about our new baby, but here it is! We are expecting a little Ortyl BOY due March 1oth, a little less than 7 weeks! Our hearts are full of love for this little guy, we can not wait to meet him!

Here are the 3 Ortyl girls + one belly bump!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Day!!

We woke up to a beautiful snow this morning. We must have about 6" and absolutely no plans to leave the house.

7:30 am, Watching the squirrels jump around in the snow.

8:00 am, Enjoying dry cereal on the floor while Ashby pushes her way through the baby gate!

10:15am, Art class: "Painting with Momma." We experimented with brushes, fingers, then both hands. We observed what happens when we mix colors, and what happens when you get paint in your hair, up to your elbows and on every surface in arms reach!
Isla loved making a "mesh!", she is an A+ student.

Noonish, Lunch: We started off with a clementine. Isla stood at her table and completely pealed the clementine, got a plate for her "babies" and piled up the wedges in front of them. Such a sweetie!

Piggie chowing down on her clemmy.

1:15, Slowing down. Pappa joined us for lunch and got to snuggle with Isla a bit before she went up for a nap and he went up to close some deals! A busy morning for everyone!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

Isla spotted a bird..."Birrr!"

Off to school we go!

Home from school now, and cutting loose before nap time. Isla was circling the kitchen island saying, "Choo-choo!"

20 months is SO much fun! Isla is all personality. She is sweet and gentle, thoughtful and always observing....taking everything in. She gets fussy when she is hungry and silly when she is tired. She gives us kisses all day long. Sometimes on the face, but often on the knee or hand, whatever is closest. Hugs are frequent as well.
Isla loves her little kitchen, mixing things and using all of the noise making toys. She is quick to serve not only Greg and I, but Ashby and her baby dolls too. Isla also loves puzzles right now. The more challenging the more interested she is. Observing her work on her puzzles is priceless. She will often hold the wrong piece over an opening and say, "nooooo", then slide it around the board repeating this until she lands on the correct spot.
Isla is talking and babbling more than ever. She will try to repeat anything we ask her to, sometimes her words are very clear other time she just gets the correct amount of syllables. Some of our favorite things that she says are, "Love you Momma" and "Love you Pappa". She says "Thank you", and "Please", she will tell Ashby to "Sit", she will tell her "No" and "Go" if she is getting in her way and then when she is happy with Ash she will say, "Good girl!" One word we hear often is "mess" it sounds like "mesh". Isla likes order and will point out crumbs on the table, dirt on the doormat, or just anything that looks a little messy!

Hanging Out at Home.

We have had lots of really cold weather lately and school hasn't started back up so we have had plenty of days where we have stayed in our jammies all day!

Isla loves all of her hats and gloves!
Enough of the hats and gloves, we are wishing of warmer days to come!

Thank You Aunt Sally for the fun fish sweater!

Ashby was hanging close while Isla ate peanut butter crackers on the floor earlier this week.

No crackers for Ash, but she got to lick Isla's fingers...not a bad deal for an overgrown rat-dog!

Isla on her Christmas tricycle!

Two Favorite Things: Chocolate & Ashby

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

For Aunt Sally.

Isla is now wearing nightgowns!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year From The Ortyls!!

I have lots of updates coming, but for now I wanted to congratulate my big brother Phillip and his beautiful and amazing fiance, Kat on their engagement. 2011 is going to be an amazing year for the Fox family!!

Congratulations Phill & Kat!!