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Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Night Update

Good evening friends and family!! Oakes has had a relatively good 24 hours since the last blog post. He continues to be paralyzed and sedated, but his numbers are as good as they have been in a few days. His oxygen saturation levels are in the high 90s (100 is perfect, below 90 is not good) and his CO2 levels are in the high 40s/low 50s (35-40 is normal), so his lungs appear, for now, to be doing their job okay.

They tried to wean Oakes from the paralytic earlier today, around 5pm, but he didn't appreciate it that much and his numbers dropped, so they gave him a two-hour shot of paralytic and he's been good since.

If, in fact, the anti-rejection therapies are working, we won't really know for sure for several more days. Oakes will need to show some stability without the paralytic and then eventually without much sedation. We're days from that I think, but all in all, a good day and that's what counts today.

More later. Love you all.



  1. More prayers are always headed your way!!! What an incredible Mighty Oakes and incredible Mighty Oakes family!!!!

  2. Good numbers are good news. Praying that the upward trend continues. Love from MI!