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Friday, December 7, 2012


A quick follow up. 

I had shared the info about these beautiful MOHF ornaments weeks ago on facebook. I got messages from many friends saying they had ordered one or several, so I had guessed they were already on trees or wrapped as gifts. I got this email first thing this morning from Mel, one of Oakes very special nurses, whom I will tell you more about one day soon. For now here is her email....


Last night I went to Bunko in my neighborhood.  We played Bunko and had the annual ornament exchange.  I am sure you can see where this is going.

I, of course brought Oaksies’ ornament and then ensued God's work through baby Oakes.  The whole room (12) was crying when we read aloud the story about Oakes and the ornament. 

The ornament was loved and was not "robbed from the neighbor" the entire evening.  Everyone there wanted Oakes website and ornament website and then one woman who I didn't know spoke up.

She explained how she had a sister that lived for 18 months with congenital heart disease in the late 60's. she was very tearful but so amazed and thankful to hear about your foundation.

I hope this never gets old for you and there is certainly a part of my heart always breaks for you, Greg, and Isla, but I count it a blessing and a privilege to share your beautiful baby and his story with others.

All of you continue to touch so many lives.  Oakes is a force.  He moves about effortlessly on his planet touching people deeply, and YOU are his momma.  You and Greg had a hand in making him...and this Christmas season, he is in full swing work mode.

Love ya!


Ps. Told you the ornaments were gonna sell out ;)


As I have been putting this post together I got a text from Cindy, the creative genius behind the ornaments, and this is what she shared. Amazing, just amazing! 

Cindy: Check this out!
Oakes is so prayed for, loved and missed. He is truly an angel, Becky!

And she forwarded this from Diane, at Bliss Monogramming: We made the Costal Star! Some facts are strewn...but hey....the lady asked if we were featuring any charities with our items....Yeeesss!!....More money for MOHF!!!


Thank you Mel, Cindy and Diane for putting a huge smile on my face today. Thank you for sharing our story, and generating more attention to MOHF and Congenital heart defects....what an amazing Christmas gift to Greg and Isla and myself!

Mighty love!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Getting ready for Christmas!

Hello friends!

Two things I wanted to share.
First, Thank you all so much for your sweet comments, emails and messages after my last post. It is still moving how touched everyone is by our story and our family.

I wasn't exaggerating that it really took 5 months to complete that post. It was so hard to keep reliving that day as I wrote and edited everything. It was so hard at the end just to edit the post and try to correct grammar, and read through it making sure that it made sense. Anyway, it felt GREAT to share. I had felt like I owed everyone the details of his last day. So many people have been on this journey with us, I thought it would bring some peace to our friends, maybe some closure, and hopefully some inspiration too.

I have been thinking about writing a book, or a few of them. I just need a smidge of time, I don't feel ready yet, but I think about it everyday. I don't know what I should wrote about exactly.....Oakes life, our life with Oakes, the lessons we have learned, kids books.....I am not sure. Any suggestions?

My second reason for posting is that I wanted to plant a little seed in your head. I think most of us are finishing up our holiday shopping, and I have a great suggestion of what you might add to your shopping list.

I have a friend from High school named Cindy. We actually only went to school together for one year but we were the best of friends in that year. After nearly 20 years Cindy and I have reconnected on facebook. She had her first child just weeks apart from Oakes' birth, so in that maternal, hormonal way she has felt very connected to our story, to Oakes' life, and our family. On her own, she partnered with a local story that she loves and they have made the most amazing Mighty Oakes Heart Foundation Christmas ornaments. They made 100 ornaments by hand. They are $20 a piece, and get this, 100% of the proceeds go to MOHF!

Super cute, right? These ornaments would be great for teachers, for family members, for a friend that you know who has been following our story, for a family that has been affected by a congenital heart defect or simply for your own family Christmas tree!

Here is the link to order the ornaments online.

Hugs to all of our friends!
Especially to Cindy and our new friends at Bliss Monogramming,