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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

His thumb.

For most of the day today, Oakes was awake, alert and happy...I was in heaven. Oakes was very alert, and very engaged with anything that I put in his line of sight, new sounds and voices coming into the room. He was turning his head form side to side and moving his legs like I have not seem do in weeks. His left arm has a huge almost cast on it. He has a line in that arm so his arm is entirely wrapped and protected. Those fingers are within a little plastic encasement so his arm is like a big club right now. His right arm is free of lines, so it has none of the extras. Since he is intubated, that arm is usually restrained. It gets moved around and repositioned, but it is always tied down. Today, however, his sweet nurse Patty agreed that if I stood there and policed this vent tube, that we could remove the restraint. I was up for the job, and Oakes loved it. He was flailing that arm around like crazy. He did grab onto the vent tube a few times, but didn't come close to pulling on it. For awhile he was working on getting his thumb in his mouth and I was even trying to help him, but it never quite made it. When I left the room to head home, Oakes had found a compromise, his curled up fist was resting on his mouth like he was sucking that thumb!

My sweet, sweet Oakes!

XOXO, Beck


  1. Becky,
    This is just ridiculously sweet! I love these pics! I hope that he gets more thumb time. He looks like he enjoys it. Hopefully this week has been a good one for everybody so far. I hope that you guys have made some progress toward what is next for oakes, as well as the whole potty training for miss. Isla-
    Have a good one! Tell Oakes that once again he has outdone himself in the cuteness department.
    Chris s

    P.s. Give nurse patty a high five from me. I like that she gave Oakes some wiggle time.

  2. it's only a matter of time before he gets that little thumb in his mouth! i love that you asked the nurse- and she agreed!- to let his arm have some moving around time. it's truly the little things that are monumental to that little presh presh. he thanks us with his utter and complete cuteness. thanks for letting us share in that part of his existence with the amazing pics.
    much love from the leeds fam

  3. He looks like he is very content with his compromise :) Praying for extubation and club removal so he can really start enjoying those thumbs!

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  5. So cute! I love these pictures! Don't ever deny a baby of his thumb!

  6. I love the posts about "normal" baby stuff... that is so amazing! So glad you got to spend time with your sweet thing while he was awake. It always amazes me what they can go through and be so sweet and happy! Patty is great, definitely a bright spot in the CICU. Sending love and heart string tugs