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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday's Update and another little request.

Today has been a great day.

Oakes has been resting peacefully today. His numbers jumped around a little around 1pm and he was given a little paralytic to calm down, but that did the trick and he has been peaceful ever since. Test results from the Pheresis came back very similar to the results after the last round. Some antibodies were gone, some were up and there were a few new ones. It's not bad news, but it's not good news either. Oakes will have pheresis in the morning tomorrow then his third dose of chemo. Then in the days to follow he will likely start another 5 day round of Pheresis. Dr. Duncan is the attending today and she said that although this isn't great news, she would say that clinically Oakes is doing better, and that is a step in the right direction. One tiny, slow and steady baby step in the right direction makes this a really good day. What pushes us into a great day is that I got to hold Oakes! He needed to be repositioned and Yvonne, his other amazing nurse and girlfriend, let me hold him before she moved him around. Oakes slept through the entire event. There are no pictures to share this time, but I promise there has been a smile on my face today.

A simple request:
Several people have shared very touching stories of sending Oakes deep healing breaths, and we wanted to spread the word and ask for more! With the last few stable days, we think this special wind coming his way must be helping. We have heard that children and adults alike are taking deep breaths, filling theirs lungs with love and prayers, good vibes and healing thoughts and sending them Oakes' way. Weather it is in your yoga class, during your time on the treadmill, as you yawn and stretch in the morning, or if it's a new part your children's bedtime routine, Oakes will be ready and waiting for more healing breaths!

Yvonne with Oakes!


  1. Slow and stead wins the race. Nice work, Oakes, and your mighty family. Just took three healing breaths as I typed this.

  2. Harrison and I just took very deep, cleansing breaths and said a prayer for the Mighty Oakes as well. We are so glad you got to hold him!!!! That had to make your whole day! Praying for another boring, miraculous night and tomorrow for everyone!!!! xoxo

  3. Yipppeeee!! Baby steps are the best ones after all. Much love and positive, strong, healing, loving, breathes coming his way!

  4. YAAAAYYYY for holding him. We love Yvonne! She's an amazing nurse. I'm so happy you got some snuggles. Deep breaths for Oakes.

  5. We just took some deep breaths here...and I asked peeps in twitter to to the same. Lots coming his way ;)

  6. Lots of prayers and breaths from the broermanns.
    I wonder what god will tell beau in their next conversation, I'll keep u posted!
    Love u,
    Aunt sally

  7. So many deep, healing, strong breaths for Oakes and his beautiful family. Many good thoughts and prayers coming everyday from California. Be well and mighty indeed.

  8. Prayers and lots of positive thoughts coming from the green family!! I know okc is well represented on the Oakes map, but hadn't commented on that post yet! We pray for another good day tomorrow.

  9. Hi Oakes and family,
    So, I started my day today with what is now the norm for me by sending you guys some good juju :). I'll finish it up the same way, but I will add tons of deep, special Oakes breaths . I'm glad you got to snuggle some today. I hope you get some more of that soon.
    Hoping that tomorrow brings good things your way again.
    Love and deep breaths,
    Chris s.

  10. so happy to hear you got an oakes snuggle today! even though he was sleeping through it, i know it did his little body good to be in mama's arms. we are breathing in and out for the little doodle and sending lots of happiness and comfort to the little fighter and his fam.
    karen and the leeds fam