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Friday, August 19, 2011

Second best update.


I hogged some to myself, but then grabbed my camera. This is the best that I got, but I promise there were many smiles, they were big and intentional, very gummy with those two little teeth, his eyes were locked on me and my heart is still melted!

We are having a happy and boring day, and I am LOVING it!


  1. Beautiful smiles - adorable. Thank you for sharing - he is a strong, loving fighter with an amazing family behind him. Here's to more happy days.

  2. Hey Becky,
    That is pretty stinkin cute! Love the chompers. Give that sweet boy a squeeze from me.
    Chris s

  3. our hearts are lifted to the clouds and beyond! such awesome news. we are all smiles over here, but oakes' smile takes the cake. we will keep sending the good mojo and love to all,
    the leeds fam

  4. Look at that sweet smile. He loves his mama!! So good to see him awake and happy. :)
    Love, Kim