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Sunday, August 7, 2011


I love these positive posts....Oakes had another good day. Greg was with Oakes most of the day and had good reports throughout the day. Oakes has been completely off of the paralytic for a day and half, which is great. His breathing is synchronized with the vent, and he is not mad and irritated when he is awake. His feed are now up to 20mL an hour, and by tomorrow he will be up to a full feed, which will be 27mL an hour. Sweet Oakesie has never been much over 10 lbs, but maybe that will change soon? His urine output is also up, another good change. T-Franny and I spent the day with Isla. We went to mass, breakfast, then to swimming lessons, and finally we all had some quiet time. T and I are at the hospital now, and Oakes has been awake for about an hour. Not only has he had his eyes open, but all limbs have been flailing. A very welcomed sight. The only questionable news to report is that Oakes has had a little fever on and off today. It was not very high, and kind of came and went, but right now his immune system is extremely compromised and he is already on a broad range of antibiotics to attack any kind of bug that may come in contact with him, so if this fever persists and is in fact a sign of a little bug, this could turn into a really bad situation. So, prayers for more boring days and no more fever, please!

Love to all of you from room 9, St. Louis Children's hospital, CICU, Becky

T-Franny & Oakes.

Momma & Oakes.

Oakes' giraffe from Aunt Kat & Uncle Phill!

The view from Oakes' room.


  1. Waaah, wish I was there!!!
    You girls look so cute with mighty Oakes... And of course he looks precious!

  2. Oops, love aunt Sally

  3. Lots of prayers for boring days!!!!!! Love the happy posts!!!! Bye fever!!!!!!!!

  4. Go Oakes, go! Praying for fevers to stay away and a nice boring week to follow! Keeping your whole family in our thoughts.

  5. Oakes looks so good! Love the video, it is so great to see him being all wiggly.... amazing! Continuing to send love and healing breaths.