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Friday, August 26, 2011

An Amazing Thursday.

Yesterday Oakes had an amazing day. Yesterday, Momma had an amazing day. This is partially because Oakes had an amazing nurse yesterday, one of our favorites, Yvonne. When I got to the room, Oakes was dressed in a Cardinals onsie, propped up in his crib looking great. He was awake and alert and happy. Shortly after I got here, Yvonne came walking into the room with her arms full of toys and goodies for Oakes. One of the items that she brought in for us was a bumbo chair, a little foam chair to help support Oakes in a sitting position. I teared up when she confidently suggested that she thought Oakes would love the chair. Sometimes, I am thinking about so much I fail to remember that Oakes is just a 5 1/2 month old baby afterall, and that he is going to have little milestones too! Thank you, Yvonne! So, we sat Oakes in his chair for about 20 minutes while we talked to him, and dangled toys, mirrors, noise makers and squeaky stuffed animals in his face. He need help supporting his head, but he did great and I think we thoroughly wore him out!

By the time Oakes was waking up, Gramma Jan, and Gramp Bill were coming up with Isla for a visit. I thought Isla would stand at the window and peak in, like she did on previous visits, but Yvonne went to get a small mask for Isla so that she could come in the room and visit with Oakes. She thought it would be good for all of us, and she was absolutely right! Isla was hesitant at first to put on all of the gear, but finally agreed to the mask, gloves and drape. Without a doubt, the 20 minutes while Oakes and Isla were together in his room, were the best 20 minutes that I have had since....I don't know when. Some time pre-transplant. Isla was completely focused on Oakes, and he was busy looking at us, tracking us and soaking up the action.

Yvonne & Oakes

Oakes sitting up!

Oakes and Momma!

Oakes with all of his visitors.

Smiling and showing off his two free hands!

Isla with her gear on!

Still gorgeous underneath it all!

She immediately wanted to hold his hand.

There is a smile under that mask!

This is Isla saying, "Oakesie!, Hi Oakesie!"

Her left hand was on his head for almost the entire time that she was in the room.

Isla kept telling me things like, "Oakesie, two eyebrows!" and "Boo-boo almost all gone!" was a serious love-fest!

We checked out some of his new toys...

.... Isla hugged Oakes!

....we read a book.

My two babies, together. Lots of happy moments!


  1. Oh Becky, this just brought tears to my eyes that you all had such a fabulous love fest! I'm so happy for you all. And I would like to add that Isla would make a good nurse/doctor. She's so stinkin cute in the gown/mask. What a sweet, sweet sister. Thanks for sharing all those wonderful pictures. You are a very lucky mom to have such amazing kids. XOXO!

  2. Can't begin to express how happy my heart is after reading this post and seeing the photos. Thank you so very much for sharing. Oakes is lucky to have such a great big sister. You are champs. Keep up the strength and positive energy. Before you know it, he'll not only be holding his head up, he'll be saying "ma ma."

  3. Hi Becky,
    Sooooooo, all this cuteness is the best! Love, love, love it! Have fun tomorrow! I wish I could make a quick trip to be there! Isla is a cute as can be, and as usual please give Oakes a big sitting up dose of love from me!
    So sweet!


  4. What an incredible day! I love that both hands are free, and the bumbo seat, and the love from big sister, and... ALL OF IT!!! So great to see so many good days, it just brings tears to my eyes to see so many good things happening. Love to you all, and many more incredible days to come!

  5. LOVE THIS! So happy for the lovefest and so thankful you are sharing it all with us. Bless you, Isla, for being such an incredible big sister. PS What great shots you got--pats on the back to whoever snapped all those gems!

  6. I love the second picture of him sitting in the bumbo seat. He's got a little thumbs up going on there! He is so sweet and special. My prayers for him continue, and I hope you have many more special days like this one to come! ~Tracy

  7. Love seeing the pictures! Elizabeth

  8. So glad they got to be together! Such a special bond. I pray the next few weeks go smoothly and Oakes can go home for a good long while!