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Saturday, August 6, 2011


Today has been, yet again, a good day.

Oakes spent most of the day with his Aunt Tina, or T-Franny as the other cousins call her. T was here for Pheresis this morning and she was here when Oakes started waking up a bit too. I know she loved being here with her littlest nephew.

While she was here with Oakes, Greg and I were at home staying busy with regular household stuff plus we had precious time with Isla. Before lunch Isla asked me, "Momma, Oakes?" I responded, "No, Isla, T is with Oakes, and I am going to stay at home with you today." Then she asked, "Pappa?" I smiled and said, "Pappa is staying at home too." She gave me a huge grin and shook her head yes.

Even though I knew T was at the hospital with Oakes and all was well, I felt a bit out of sorts. I didn't get here until about 8pm, and when I was walking up to the door I could see Oakes eyes were open. Again, I was scrambling to get all of my gear on and get to his side. Since then he has been waking up when the nurse comes in to give him meds and mess with him a bit, and each time I have been up in his face. Still no smiles or facial expressions but he seems more awake than a few days ago. Oakes had an IV line is his right hand that just went bad today. The bad news is that the line got moved to his head. The good news is that his right hand is free for the first time since his surgery 2 weeks ago, so while our eyes were locked on each other I was holding his little hand. I felt several little squeezes and I am choosing to believe that they were intentional and even more I am interpreting them to be a huge smile and lots of love for his Momma! Just what I was needing!

Lots of love from the CICU, Becky


  1. Such sweet news! Before you know it, Oakes will be grabbing you finger and biting it with his cute little teeth! Sending loads of prayers your way! We'll light another candle at church tomorrow:)

  2. Keep it up Oakes! Sending healing breath your way!

  3. Yay for hand-holding! Made me smile and tear up at the same time. Those moments together are so precious...