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Friday, August 5, 2011

Super, duper, tears in our eyes amazing!

You are amazing! Oakes' Map has absolutely blown us away! We are touched and amazed by the comments and emails that we have gotten from everyone. Thank you for reaching out to us, for saying the prayers that you say, for taking those deep breaths, and for the sweet words and touching stories that you have shared. Oakes has forever changed our family, and it makes us joyful that he has touched your hearts too. A high school friend of mine reminded me that there are angles in heaven and on earth, and we know that you are all Oakes' angels!

Oakes is having another quiet day so far. He is currently hooked up to the Pheresis machine, and immediately after Pheresis will get his third dose of chemo. Later in the day he will get a "pig tail", a catheter placed in his abdomen to help drain some of the fluids that he is not peeing off. This will happen here in his room, takes only a few minutes and should be uneventful.

Sending love across the map back to each and every one of you! XO, Becky


  1. Love the map - amazing how people from so far away can lift you up!
    I just had a thought about how much Oakes is resting as he should - and I just get this feeling that when he comes out of this, he's going to be an all night kind of kid - never wanting to sleep. He's getting it out of his system now and the next phase of his life will be nonstop soaking it all in, searching for new things to do, learn, experience. And it sounds like the rest of the family will be running along after him. My wish for you today!

  2. we love the boring days! it lifts my heart every time i read a post like the one from today. he's like a stoic little force in his little bed, getting things done slow and steady. and inspiring us all along the way.
    we are going camping this weekend and will be breathing in lots of nice, fresh air for oakes!

  3. Becky so glad to see some uneventful days! Such a great heart warming post to start the weekend!
    Christie Leperi Smith