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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Final results are not great.

But, Oakes is still amazingly cute! Our sleepy, sucky thumb, stud baby!

So, there are still antibodies present in his lung tissue. Big, huge, enormous bummer.

Tomorrow, Oakes team will discuss what the plan will be moving forward. Of course we will share all of the details once we have them.

Oakes had a much better day today. No surprises, no scares. He was pretty sleepy all day, and when he did wake up he was a bit fussy. I learned that his white blood count is really low, and he currently has no B cells, both a side effect of the chemo and treatments that he has been on, so it is not likely that they will start radiation anytime soon, if that is the course that is decided on.

Thank you for all of the love and prayers, emails and texts.
Much love, Becky

PS: Elizabeth still needs prayers and love. I am picturing Oakes' vortex of love expanding, filling her room with extra Oakesie love and support. Our sweet girlfriend needs it more than ever, right now! We love you, Elizabeth!! XOXO

Dr. Oakes.


  1. Thanks for the update. You have been on my mind all day. Of course like everyone else in the world I was hoping for, praying for and trying to will better results. I am sorry for the disappointment. Oakes IS adorable, and that bib is the cutest thing ever (like Oakes). So, I am going to be disappointed tonight but promise to wake up tomorrow recharged and ready to rally again. I tell myself all the time, during low moments especially, "Onward." Forward motion. Onward, Oakes!

  2. Hugs to you all! Keep fighting, Oakes.

  3. So bummed to hear the news, but then I look at the pictures of your sweet boy and can't help but smile! He is so absolutely precious I can hardly stand it! He is going to get this all straightened out; he's just doing it the Oakes' way...slow and steady! The new dictionary words for the year were just announced a few days ago, but I'm already petitioning for a new entry next year: OAKES: Mighty; slow and steady; stud; fighter; miracle! Prayers, hugs, and heartstring tugs to all of you, and Elizabeth and crew!

  4. I'm sure you are all asking this but is it possible he just needs a little time to recover from all that jazz? If the blood is good, maybe it just takes some time to get those stupid #5s to pack their bags? Just can't help but wonder - he's doing so well.

    Sending positive, cleansing breaths!

  5. Deep breaths coming your way. Stinks. But slow and steady wins the race. And the doctors will put their heads together and figure it out. I'm sure of it. So tonight, I'm sending prayers of faith, continued courage, and more strength for all of you. Hang in there.

  6. Nothing is sweeter than sleeping baby pics and Oakes takes the cake - especially with his doctor attire. Sending hugs and prayers as Oakes reminds us of his steady style. Maybe Isla can go give those #5's a talking to and tell them their stay is over. Prayers for a new day and continued strength for you all and Elizabeth and her family.

  7. Still thinking of your family and hoping for some happy news for you!

  8. Thinking of you all and sending love. hoping for continued improvement. He is in the best hands. Heart string tugs!
    Love, Kim

  9. I'm sorry Becky. But if the past is any indication, he will persevere and overcome this obstacle too. Prayers for yours and little Elizabeth too from Toronto, ON.