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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Barking, Laughing, and Kissing.

The Latest.

Right after a nap, I am guessing it was a good one!

Getting ready for Halloween! Isla has been saying "duck" for a long time now, but we are still working on "quack!"

Isla shopping.
"Ooooo", organic eggs!

Isla loves chocolate milk!
Enough shopping, time to jam!
She holds the stethoscope up to everything and says "boom, boom", and the Otoscope is used as a phone, she won't let me put it anywhere close to her ear.

Ok, so excessive photos for the blog may be backfiring, Isla now has a fake smile!
And again...

Ok, there is the cute smile...

And once more!

July Photos.

Grandma and Grandpa Ortyl with their two baby girls.

Cutest Harper Mae in her Berry Best Friend Tshirt, thanks Grandma Connie!

3 Ortyl Girls!

Ashby just hoping to be set free!

Isla & Ashby.

Jammies and A Party

Organizing the hall closet in jammies with a stylish necklace and super cool sunglasses.

A breakfast picnic.

Always willing to share.

The baby gates not only keep Isla off of the stairs, but at meal time they keep Ashby away from our food, however they don't keep Isla away from Ashby!

A couple of weeks ago Isla attended her first birthday party! She loved it, big girls, cats, video games and sweets!

The big girls were excited to have Isla join the party.

She fit right in!

Happy Birthday Mary!!

Jen & Jane.

"SO big!"

Isla & Jane.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Reading Books.

One of our favorite things to do.

Haircut, Garden and Gifts.

Isla keeps getting little trims...the back of her hair is growing fast and the front is not! This last trim left her with little curls in waves in the back!

In the beginning of the summer my Mom planted a little veggie patch for us. We have had bell peppers, jalapenos, tomatoes, fresh lettuce and tons of herbs....Thank you ConnieFox!

Grandma Jan sent Isla a package full of goodies a few weeks back. Isla had so much fun opening emptying the box! Thank you Grandma Jan!!


Wearing her new slippers and sitting on her new pillow!!

More "Ooooo's"

Grant's Farm

Isla and I went to Grant's Farm in mid-July and had a fun but hot morning looking at the animals. Isla was interested in all of the animals but the real hit was the grape snow cone.

Isla loved feeding herself.

Along with the snow cone we bought a toy Clydesdale on our way to visit the stables. Isla loved the horses and we got an up close look at some of the colts.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hanging Out in Jammies!

I have had a little Blog vaca, but I have not stopped clicking away with my camera. I hope to get a little caught up over the next week of so, (I've gotten so heat from Grandparents and one pushy Auntie!) so here is the late of our cutest Isla.

Oreo's for breakfast!

Calling Ashby from the back door. Oreo belly and hand on the hip!

Every morning when Ashby goes outside, Isla waits at the back door for her, and just about every morning I stand close by thinking how adorable Isla is in the morning light waiting for her buddy. I love my girls.

Cutest Thing Ever.

Kiki and Coco in Paris.
Isla and I have watched this over and over, not sure who loves it more. click here.