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Monday, March 30, 2009

Week 35, 5 more weeks....

This week the final touches are being added to our mini-masterpiece and most of her development is going to packing on the pounds. Some fascinating facts: Our little Karate Kid can't quite pack the punch she used to due to the limited space inside the womb these days. (Although she is wiggling and moving around like crazy!) Her liver has begun processing her waste products, so we know which organ to thank when she has her first blowout up the back of her onesie. Baby Ortyl is now about 5½ pounds and over 18 inches long!

Week 34 was a good week. I have started feeling those Braxton Hicks contractions which is a little odd, but I guess I should start getting used to them. We finished up out Birthing class, and have signed up for a Doula. We should meet her in the next week. The Baby's bedding should be here tomorrow, and then we will just be waiting for the glider. We had a nice weekend. Lots of snow. One of Greg's partners in crime Scott Malchow was in town visiting, lots of beer was consumed and basketball games watched. My sister Tina was also in town for her friends baby shower (Sally King Blaire, who is due 2 days after Baby O!). It was great to see those friends and visit one last time before the baby arrives. Tina got to feel the baby moving several times, yesterday she even got to feel the baby hiccuping! Counting down the weeks....

Becky, Tina Fox, Sally King Blair

Ashby and Flat Stanley

Ashby LOVED Scott!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Gramma Jan and Grandpa Bill

Pics from this past summer.

With Grand kids, Sarah Broermann (Beck's sister) holding Gray and Grandpa holding Beau

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ashby's attitude about the storm...

Thursdays Update....

Several things to report on:

1. Had a Dr's appt the morning, and the Dr. thinks Baby O is now head down! I go back in 2 weeks and that is when we will really find out where she is and what she has been up to.

2. Denver is the the midst of a full blown spring Blizzard! We were supposed to have several guests flying in the this weekend, but flights were cancelled so we are guest-less and bummed out. (This was supposed to be a guys golfing weekend for Greg and some friends!)

Greg documented the snow this morning.....

3. Our Mail lady (completely bundled up) just delivered a little package. It was from Bill Fox and Jan Christine, Becky's Dad and Step Mom. Gramma Jan made Baby Ortyl the most beautiful quilt and door hanger. I had to share pics! Thank You Dad and Jan!! Greg and I LOVE what you have made! XOXO!

The package, notice the glitter, standard for any Fox/Christine package. (I sprinkled this in front of Greg's office, it is sure to drive him a little crazy!)

The quilt and door hanger
The details on the quilt are just amazing and completely flawless!

Maybe I will hang this on my door for awhile!!

To Baby O, Now FLIP it! Love Aunt Tina

A different kind of baby Flip. From Old Navy.

Now Flip it
Into shape
Shape it up
Get straight
Go forward
Move that head
Try to flip over
Its not too late
To Flip it
Flip it good

Baby O please turn around
You must flip it
You will never live it down
Unless you flip it
No one gets away
Until they flip it!
Now Flip it!
Come on baby O...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Week 34, 6 weeks and counting!

{Right after the gym!}

Our amazing baby is on the move! She's been riding fairly high in Becky's stretched-out womb till now (while kindly compressing Becky's poor internal organs), but now she's planning on making the big move to Beck's pelvis this week. (We're just hoping she heads down, head down! Until now I have consistently felt Baby O moving really low, somewhere between my groin and hip bone and always on my right side, but just this week I felt kicks and jabs a little higher up and even both sides at the same time, so I'm hoping that she has started rotating and is temporarily on her side?! I have a Dr's appt on Thursday so I'm hoping for an update on where she is.) Our cute little girl's hair continues to get longer and thicker. Her fingernails may now reach over the finger tips so she's probably ready for a trip to the baby spa. In general, most of Baby O's prenatal physical development is pretty much up to snuff and ready for the outside world. Naturally, further weight gain is expected—so Becky is still not at maximum capacity despite probably feeling like she is definitely maxed out. (For sure feeling maxed out. Moving slow and methodically. I've given up on Greg's car, just too uncomfortable to get in and out of. I really could use that crane to roll me over at night. I have found the easiest way to roll over is to just sit up, reposition then lay back down. My back is feeling better. I've been taking it easy, stretching daily, going to yoga and this week I started swimming!)

Not too much to report this week. We had out third Childbirthing class, one more to go. We toured the hospital which was helpful. We know where to park, where to go, and generally, I (Becky) have a sense of what I need to do once we get there. Can't speak for Greg on that one. His main comment leaving the hospital was that he wished the TV's were bigger! He also mentioned that he hopes I go into labor during the NFL football draft so that he will have something to watch on TV during labor and delivery...Seriously?
DL, will you please clue him in!
Will someone, anyone clue the poor guy in!

Thanks for all of the goodies!

{Image/Cards by Bonnie's Studio}

Ashby's report card, A+

During our trip last week we kenneled Ashby about 45 min outside of town at a kennel that has several acres of fenced land. They let the dogs out at about 9am and kept them out til 4pm. Basically, dog heaven. When we picked her up she was so excited to see us then about 2 minutes down the road she was passed out in the back seat. She slept for about 3 days, but is now back to her rat-like self. Here was the report card they sent us home with. Notice she made a BFF, Roxie.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend highlights:

Laughing with girlfriends.

Jen's delic seven layer pink cake.

Holly's meat and cheese spread.

Mary Clare's hand me down shoes. (Pics coming soon!)

Baby Jane.

Staying up late, chatting with sisters and mother.

A great name suggestion by Abbey for Baby O: Diamond Blue (note the necklace I was wearing!)

Eating at Revival. Ribs & Potato chip cookies. Double YUM.

Each and every guest on Saturday.

A handmade blanket from Mom

A heirloom from Cathy.

The BIG surprise that really was a surprise!

A beautiful family quilt from Momma Jane.

Each and every guest on Sunday.

Hearing Grandma Ortyl tell me that her water broke! (a silly game we played on Sunday which involved Mardi Gras babies frozen in ice)

Having G'ma Ortyl talk to my belly (She instructed Baby O to flip, "Listen hear sweetheart....")

Shani's sugar cookies.

Week 33, 7 weeks to go!

In terms of appearances, Baby O is getting cuter and pudgier every minute as she piles on the baby fat for those adorable little leg rolls and chubby toes. Baby O is a mere 5 lbs and 17 inches in height. And if I haven't hinted towards it already, she's getting stronger with every passing day. Nowadays, it’s possible to observe a well-placed kick just by watching my belly. Baby O sleeps a lot of the time, just as newborn babies do. Her eyes move in the manner of REM sleep and researchers believe that babies can dream vividly even now. When Baby O is awake, she is listening, feeling and learning. (I hope she is listening to Greg whenever he talks to her!)

We just got home from a great (but quick) weekend in Saint Louis. We went to St. Louis for a few showers, and to have a quick weekend with family and friends. Becky's sisters, Sarah and Tina and her Mom flew into town to see the bump and host a shower for Becky. Shani, Greg's sister also threw a shower for Becky, but to her surprise it was a shower for her too (She is only 6 weeks behind Becky in her pregnancy). Somehow we pulled off the surprise, and the party was tons of fun for us both!

It was bittersweet - great to see everyone but so hard to say goodbye again. And of course we didn't get to see everyone that we had hoped to see, or spend enough time with those that we did see!

{The Fox girls, Sarah, Connie, Becky and Tina}

*Even though I carried around my camera all weekend I didn't take many photos. If you have photos from the weekend will you please email them to me? I'd love to post more pics....XOXO, B.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Update: Flipping Baby O!

{A little asymmetrical, with more of a bump to the right of my right foot}

On Tuesday I had a Dr's appointment. My weight was good, belly measured exactly where it should be, and baby's heart sounded good. However, the Dr didn't find the heartbeat low on my belly where it should have been, it was higher over my belly button (or what used to be a belly button!) The Doc felt my belly, asked some questions and said she thinks Baby O is breech! That might explain why I haven't felt any karate chops to the ribs I suppose.

So, Baby O has a few weeks left to flip over, or I might just flip out! Not really, I'm not worried at this point, but please say some little prayers that she flips. Greg talked to her last night and threatened that she will be grounded if she doesn't get that little hiney up!

Later that day I stood up after sitting for awhile and froze in my tracks, I had the weirdest sensation in my belly. I thought it might be a contraction. I looked down and my belly was very asymmetrical with a big bump on the right side...I grabbed the camera and snapped a shot but she had already moved. I was hoping she had flipped, but I'm still feeling all of her movement really low.

Last, we had Child birthing class #2 last night. We learned some more breathing techniques, and learned about the different stages of labor. Again, I learned a bunch and was happy to be there. In the beginning of class, Martha our teacher dimmed the lights and showed us a 20 minute film which showed part of childbirth. Nothing too graphic but more than what you would see on TLC. At one point I turned around to check on Greg and his face was illuminated blue from his cell phone! Information overload, so why not send an email or two?! I have to give him lots of credit though. For one, he showed up after class #1, and two, he gave me a wonderful shoulder and back massage while we were practicing our new breathing techniques.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Baby O's Crib and Bedding

This is the crib that has been ordered

....and the bedding. Not as colorful as what I had planned on, but I really love this and think it will work well with everything else. I'll post a pic of it all put together in the room once it gets here.

Greg's Sunday

This past Sunday Greg made his was to a local golf course. He came home with these great photos. I asked him to give me some kind of comment for the blog and this is what he sent to me...

"It was over 60 for six of the last seven days here in Denver, so Greg took advantage and played the Denver City Park Golf Course. He says it's a municipal course (which I guess means not as nice of a course and pretty cheap), but it's only 10 minutes away. It's got some great views of downtown and the mountains, as you can see by these pics..."

Another house guest

Over the weekend we were Puppy-sitting for Madison Broermann (Becky's sister's husband's brother's that?) Ashby loved her, not sure that she loved Ashby. Madison is 11 years old, where Ashby is only 5, so Ashby's energy level is a bit different that Maddie's. Anyway, we loved having Maddie, she is the sweetest dog ever, and we'd love to have her again!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Week 32, 8 weeks remaining, the countdown is on!

In the latest womb reports, our amazing baby weighs nearly 4 pounds, her crown-to-rump length is approximately 11.7 inches and her total length is about 18.9 inches. Baby O's body growth will slow down from now on. Because of the lack of space in the uterus, the legs are drawn up in what is known as the fetal position. This week her movements will peak. (Thank goodness!) Baby O sleeps 90-95% of the day, and sometimes experiences REM sleep, an indication of dreaming. Our cuter than ever little lady is probably head-down at this point and may occasionally stretch out and kick Becky in the ribs. The pressure on Becky's rib cage can make her sore. (I haven't felt any kicks to the ribs, but she is moving more than ever, day and night. Her internal alarm clock goes off every morning around 4am and she starts her Jane Fonda workout then. I'm lucky if I can fall back asleep!) The wrinkles on our little girl's face are disappearing as fat is still being deposited throughout the baby's face and body. Baby O will turn her head if touched on the cheek and open her mouth if the bottom lip is tickled. By this time she can also suck and swallow in a coordinated way. (She's getting ready to feed!)

Besides feeling tired from those early morning work outs, I'm feeling good. A little sore here and there, still moving slow, but I'm good. Baby O has hiccups nearly every day now and boy is she a squirmer! I selfishly am ready for her to join us outside of my uterus...the countdown is officially on!

We had our first Childbirth class at the hospital this week. There are 6 other couples in the class all over 30, so I'm hopeful that in the four weeks of classes we can make some friends that are going through the same changes that we are. I, Becky though the class was helpful and informative, I learned a handful of things I didn't already know. Greg was less than enthusiastic about the class. The photos of a placenta that we saw were enough to turn him off to the class completely. Greg shared with the group that his main fear is passing out during the delivery (he's not one for blood at all, he won't even walk into a room if a medical show like ER is on), I completely sympathise with his thoughts, subsequently now my fear is that he passes out too. I think the most important thing I learned in class #1 is that I will need a doula for the delivery!

So the dresser/changing table is complete! Greg brought it up to the nursery for me and we picked up hardware yesterday. The crib should be here soon, and bedding has been ordered (I changed my mind about making it after wrapping up the dresser, what was I thinking?) Next we need to pick out a rocker/glider and just organize the room. We are getting there!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A note from Grandpa Dale...

I got this note via email yesterday in response to the three side by side pics posted at the end of last week. Grandpa Dale (Becky's stepfather) has been sending these sweet little message since he found out about Baby O. His words always make me smile.

"Yes, there is definitely something going on there. I know that pregnancy has been happening for millenia, and that each one is amazing, but this one, yours, is a special one. May God bless you, Greg, and that special baby. Thank you for sharing with us.With love from Dale"

{Grandpa Dale eating cereal with Beau Broermann, the first Fox grandchild}

Friday, March 6, 2009

More progress.

Yesterday I finished the dresser! It got several coats of paint, then several coats of wax. Now it is just a clean white with a really smooth finish. I want to line the drawers and put hardware on and then I can start filling it up with supplies and lots of little girly onsies!

My assistant LOVED having free range of the house and yard yesterday. She would move from the sun to the shade then back again. It was a good day for everyone!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I was planning on sewing this week but with 70 degree weather I decided to set up outside and paint the dresser that we are going to use as a changing table.

Its been cleaned, sanded, primed and has one coat of paint. Another coat to go, some touch up work, then I'm going to wax it, and it will go right to the nursery! I only need to buy hardware, and set up the changing cushion then I can scratch this project off of the list!

What's for dinner.

Since I'm not working right now, Greg has been a little spoiled by lots of home cooked meals. We used to eat out all of the time, so this has been a big change for us, not to mention we are saving money. Since this has been new for our routine I have been trying out new recipes to add to our stand-by-favorites.

The latest hit, Mexican Chicken soup ( Tortilla Soup) and Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread both Barefoot Contessa recipes. Yum, loved them both! (Yesterday I left the cornbread to close to the edge of the counter and Ashby helped herself to a piece, she apparently liked it too, that rat!)

Sunday, March 1, 2009