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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mighty Oakes Charity Crop Saturday

Good evening, everyone.  I think I’m only sending this to folks in St. Louis or who have deep ties to the area…hope so anyway.  I am way, way overdue in providing an email update to everyone but hopefully you have been following along on our blog at, and judging by the “visitor’s map” on the site, all of you and hundreds of your friends are following along!  I promise I will send an updated email in the next few days with lots of details and updates from the last month since Oakes’ transplant and what the path ahead looks like, but in the meantime, I’ve been remiss in not letting you all know about a charity event that my mom, sister and aunt are organizing.  Unfortunately, it’s this Saturday and I’m not giving you all much of a heads up, so I really apologize for that (to you all and most importantly, Shani, mom and Aunt Naa).


The event is a charity crop.  I had no idea what a crop was until they organized this event, but apparently it’s an all-day event within a large space where folks can go and complete a project or projects throughout the day.  It could be scrapbooking or painting (Beck will be working on an Oakes painting) or some other crafty hobby thing or even some mundane task that has been elusive getting to within your crazy daily life like paying bills or something.  Anyway, it’s only $50 and you can come and go as often as you’d like and, in true Ortyl fashion, there will be enough food to feed the entire city.  The best pizza on earth, Dewey’s Pizza, has agreed to provide their awesome pizza and salads for everyone and my mom, sis and aunt have lined up several other sponsors to help feed the masses.  There will be some giveaways and other fun stuff.  There are several spots open and they’re hoping to sell out and I only wish I would have let you all know much sooner.


I have attached a flyer with all of the information and we certainly appreciate any consideration.  You can also check out  As you’ll here in my update later, there will be several other upcoming events which you can participate in, if you’re so inclined.


BTW, The Mighty Oakes Heart Foundation has been established, has a Board of Directors and a website ready to view (; many thanks to Phill Fox, Beck’s bro, on setting this up!), so we are moving forward in helping other families deal with congenital heart defects.  Much, much more on this and our precious Oakesie in my update later on…..


Love you all,


Greg, Becky, Isla P. & Mighty Oakes



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