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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cute Oakes.

When I got here this morning, Yvonne had Oakes in his little acorn hat (a gift from his girlfriend next door, Elizabeth!), a bib on, and he was wearing his oh-so-manly leg warmers! I knew it had been a relatively uneventful morning if Oakes was all done up!

Then, while Yvonne was at lunch I decided to cut Oakes crazy hair. Here he is before the trim...

It was pretty much a long crazy baby toupee!

And here is Oakesie after, looking handsome like his Pappa!

We also had a visitor today. Nell, the therapy dog, dressed up like Pippy-long stockings, minus the stockings!


  1. Hysterical!! Surely a good little laugh! Thinking of you and Oakesie and sending loving breaths all the time!!!!!

  2. Finally- A hair cut!!!
    Aunt Sally loves you all!

  3. Shut it down! He looks soooooo cute! These pictures today just made me melt! His hair cut looks good too! My little girl has the same hair. My hubby keeps asking her to "comb on over for dinner". I guess we can't say that to Oakes huh?
    Thinking about you guys today!
    Chris s

  4. Adorable times a million! Both your children look so much like their daddy. (True over here too.) Great pics!