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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mighty Oakes Map.

For months now we have been hearing about, "this friend of a mine that lives in (insert any city across the globe) is praying for Oakes". We have received emails, texts, letters and gifts from Oakes' friends, many of which we have never met before. I pray that one day Oakes and Isla will understand how many lives have been touched by our families story. In our attempt to document and preserve this evolving story we want to know, who are you & where are you?

Please, please comment below this post or send us an email at and let us know who you are and where you are.

We know that our Mighty Oakes has reached out his branches and touched so many of you, and we would LOVE to hear your story.

We will post map with with markers that show where all of Oakes' friends are! Thank you in advance! Becky

{Ok, it is 11pm and there are 42 comments and a dozen emails from new and old friends, literally from around the globe! I am LOVING reading all of your words, and I am LOVING all of you! Looking forward to hearing from more of you! XOXO}


  1. Hi ortyls! I am a friend of a friend, and I heard about your sweet little man about a week ago. Since then I think about you guys every day. I am in absolute awe of your family. I am sending you and Oakes all the love I have! As soon as he is better, my 3 month old daughter Kendall wants to buy him dinner. All the bottles he can drink. :)
    Hugs and love from huntsville Alabama,
    Chris suchomski

  2. Krista, Robie, Caroline, Jack and Ella Kate sending lots of love and prayers from Tulsa!!

  3. Hi GBIO - you know you have lots of love coming from all of us here in Pittsburgh!


  4. We're praying hard in St. Charles, MO!! We also have family praying in Phoenix, AZ, Tulsa, OK & Houston, MO (yes, there is a Houston in MO!)

  5. Tim and Shannon praying for you all in Cincinnati, Ohio!

  6. I know of lots in OKC as wel as...California, Maryland, Alabama, Texas, Washington, Colorado and Minnesota. All sending healing, happy wishes your way.

  7. we are loving oakes from seattle!
    karen, dave, nick and eli leeds

  8. Hello Mighty Oakes' family! I am a friend of Lynn Fingerhut's (my husband actually went to SLU with Lynn) and I first heard of your story through her facebook post on the big day of the transplant. I went back through your blog posts to get your full story. I am also in awe of the strength, courage, and perseverance of your amazing family. I have a little boy your daughter's age (she is absolutely beautiful, by the way!) and another one on the way due in October. So, your story really hits close to home - I can't imagine going through what you are dealing with and with a little one at home. It sounds like you have a great family and wonderful support. I have been praying for your little man since I first read your story. I also have everyone here at work along with friends and family praying for you as well! I'm delighted to hear that he is doing well, and I'm looking forward to more good news as the days go on.

    Love, hugs, and healing thoughts from Teresa Swango in Boston, MA!!!

  9. Hi Becky, Greg, Isla, and Mighy Oakes!

    I know we didn't get to spend much time together in Denver before you moved, but the time we did spend had a big impact on us, and we feel like we know you all even better now having kept up with Oakes and your family through the blog. We think of you often and our prayers continue to be with you. You are amazing pillars of faith and strength, and filtering so much positive energy into the creation of Oakes' foundation is a testimony of that. I would love to help in any way we can from Denver.

    By the way, I think that Wilson and Isla would be writing love notes to each other like Elizabeth and Oakes if they were closer too! :)

    Praying to our Father above, the ultimate physician, We send much love, peace, joy and blessings from Colorado,
    Ebeth, Jason, and Wilson Lones

  10. Your family and your sweet baby boy are constantly in my thoughts and prayers! Sending all of my love from Dallas, Texas - Sarah Smith

  11. Ortyl Family,

    The White Family is sending so much love and prayers from Oklahoma City. Our 5 month old, Charlotte, says a prayer for Mr. Oakes every night and she cannot wait to meet him. She has a big crush on him and says he is her hero!!! We are great friends with Oakes' Aunt Tina and she keeps us updated along with your blog. Again, constant love and prayers are sent your way. And thank you for teaching my husband and I to love our daughter to the fullest every moment.

    Much love,
    The White Family
    Oklahoma City

  12. Hello. I worked for Sarah before "retiring" to be a stay-at-home mom :)
    I live in Owasso, Ok with my husband and our four children. I have shared your story and blog with close friends in Coweta, Broken Arrow, Norman & Bixby!! They are all praying and believing for Oakes to have a huge breakthrough and recovery!! Because of Oakes, my husband and I have both registered with the donor registry in Oklahoma. It's not something that I would have thought to take care of....but seeing Oakes in the video you posted, prompted me to do it immediately. So, to your family, I say thank you!! For sharing these trying times and opening my eyes to what really matters. I hug my kids a little tighter & for a little longer each time, and when I do, I say another prayer for Oakes and his sweet family. You all are truly inspiring and I pray you all are blessed in many ways.
    Happy thoughts and many prayers from Owasso, Ok
    The Bennett Family

  13. Hi,
    I'm the OT who evaluated Oakes at home before his surgery. Even though I have only met Mighty Oakes once, he definitely left his footprints in my heart! I continue to send positive healing thoughts and prayers to Oakes and your family.
    Hugs from St. Louis! :)

  14. Hi Guys,

    I LOVE this idea!!!! Seriously, you'll probably have the USA covered with all the love for your family and Oakes!!!!

    Tons of prayers and love are coming to you directly from Los Angeles, Californiaf from highschool friends of Becky's. My son, Harrison, would be upset if he wasn't included on Oakes map, so the Los Angeles group includes:
    Emily, Matt, Harrison and Bennett Shaffer


    Jennie, Anthony and Caroline Curtis

    We are praying constantly for the Mighty Oakes and are in awe of his continued strength and that of your family. xoxo

    Fight, Oakes, Fight!!!!!

  15. The McPeak family keeps you in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers and continues to be amazed by the strength of Mighty Oakes. St.Louis MO

  16. There are at least a few beams of energy coming from over here in New York City inspired by and aimed for the Mighty Oakes. He is such a trooper!


    Ona, Talula, Heather and Reid (brother of Karen Leeds)

  17. Hi,
    I'm Hannah Buso, a friend of Sarah and Jeff. I live in Westville, OK but will be moving to Greenwood, AR next month. (So the prayer web will be stretched a little further :-)) I first read about Oakes on Sarah's facebook wall when she requested prayers for him and your family. I followed the link she posted to your blog and went back and read all the posts. It completely broke my heart to read about all that Oakes and your entire family have had to endure. I admire your strength and he has earned and deserves his name of Mighty Oakes. I pray for you multiple times a day and I also check your blog multiple times a day just for an update! I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers :-)

  18. Hi Becky! My name is Lisa, we are now friends on Facebook :) I learned about Oakes through a friend of mine, Nicole Weckherlin. My family and I are from Wildwood and are in Canada this week visiting my folks. We have all been praying together several times a day for baby Oakes. We are keeping updated through this blog and Facebook and we check several times a day! Everyone always asks, how is bAby Oakes now? So thank you, for keeping us all posted. We hope to meet this strong little boy someday soon! Mark your map for both Windsor ON Canada and Wildwood MO :) sending our love and many prayers!!

  19. Hi,

    In New Orleans, praying daily for Mighty Oakes! The love, hope, faith and strength of your family and Oakes has touched my heart. Such an inspiration!
    Sending many prayers your way.

    Anne Zimmermann Accardo

  20. I am Ellen Moriarty's cousin in Columbia, Missouri. I met you and Greg before Isla was born when I dog sat Ashby and a little while later I babysat Isla! We added each other on Facebook and I saw what was going on with Oakes and heard about it through Ellen. I have been following everything since the beginning and hoping and praying for the best! He is such a beautiful, strong baby and I continue to hope for the best. Long story short, much love and prayers from Columbia (and my parents in New Orleans)!

  21. Hi, Becky we are praying so hard from Bentonville, AR. So amazing to see the support from all over!!

    Christie Leperi Smith

  22. The Hanleys in Chicago (Park Ridge), IL have you all in our thoughts and prayers! Hang in there!!!

    Cheri, Chris and Abby...Stevie too!

  23. you know Seattle is behind the whole family!

  24. Hey Becks... You know the Forrester Family, Lori, Katie, Kamryn and Phil are loving and praying on Oakes from Atlanta but depending on the week, I have been loving on Oakes from all over the country. Your family spirit and has inspired us all.
    Greg - You are my brother in soul and spirit and I pray each day that feel you the power of a community of love. You have attracted an avalanche of support for your boy as only a loving and committed father can and I stand in awe of your ability to shine through your darkest days. I have been in the presence of the Mighty Oakes and left deeply touched by the experience. I love you brother - remember to breathe!

  25. A friend of mine in St. Louis posted this on her facebook and I have been praying for you ever since. My name is Marla and I live in York, PA.

  26. Becky,
    Our Covington,LA and Bentonville, AR family are praying for Mighty Oakes everyday!!!!! You are also getting lots of prayers from the CTK family in Terrytown, LA. I have been following your blog several times a day since Christie told me about baby Oakes!!!! Hugs from the Leperi family.

    Carolyn Leperi
    Covington, LA

  27. Becky:

    Brent and I are praying for Oakes everyday. I've also asked the prayer team at our church (New Covenant United Methodist Church of Edmond) to pray as well. Well wishes to you, Oakes, and his doctors.

    Keri Williams Foster
    Edmond, OK

  28. Hi Becky Libby,

    I just wanted to let you know that you have lots of thoughts and prayers coming from Charlotte, NC! Sending lots of love to Mighty Oakes and the rest of your adorable family.

    KC Wehking

  29. Becky and Greg:

    Of course we are constantly praying for Oakes and the CICU team SLCH. We love this idea, it s so wonderful to see so many amazing people pulling for Mighty Oakes. It makes me smile BIG!

    Sending strings from our hearts....
    Sarah and Jeff
    Brenden, Colin, Beau, Gray and Quinn

  30. Love and thoughts come to you guys every day from The Baranowski Family (Sara, Steve, & Lucy) in Chicago, IL!

  31. Hi! A friend of mine from a June 2010 mommy group posted your information and we've all been following Oakes and his amazing journey! Sending all the love and positive energy we can from here in New York City!
    Morghan, Jake, Hayden (3y) and Ozzie (14 months)

  32. We are sending lots of love and lots of prayers from Alexandria, LA. Our family and friends here have followed your journey and have been pulling for you every step of the way. His, and your, perseverance is an inspiration to all who have come in contact with Mighty Oakes for even a second!
    All our strength is headed your way!
    Anna, Paul, Marin and Molly Moreau

  33. Hi Becky,
    My name is Sherrie. I used to work for Dr. Fox and I still babysit for her and Jeff. I met you when she was in the hospital having Gray but I am not sure you remember me. Dr. Fox told me about the concerns with Oakes during your pregnancy....It was at that time I first started my prayers for your baby... After Oakes was born I would check on him through Dr. Fox and learned of his health concerns and the need for future surgeries. I then started praying for Oakes every night as well as for comfort and strength for your family. I have reached out to many of my friends who are also believers and I have shared his story with them. I have asked them for continuous prayers for Oakes. I am a firm believer that with God all things are possible. Keep your faith and know that there are many people praying for your precious gift from God. There is so much love poured into each and every prayer that is sent up for Oakes. I hope that you enjoyed the poem I shared with Dr. Fox and sent to Oakes...I will continue praying for Oakes and your family.

    Much Love to you and your family,

  34. G,B,I,O~
    Got prayers from here in St. Louis of course but I have friends as far as the United Kingdom praying for Oakes!!

    Much Love,
    The Webb's!!

  35. The Herzog Family in Spokane WA is praying for him! Chris went OSU with Sarah. I saw the blog on her fb page and have been following it ever since! Sending prayers your way always! xoxo
    Siri, Chris, Matthew, Maggie

  36. I saw your story and blog information posted by a friend on facebook. My heart and prayers go out to you. May god continue to watch over you and help oakes to become stronger everyday. Sending our thoughts your way:)

    The Grabow family

  37. The Vitales in Belleville, IL are praying for you and thinking of you! Mighty Oakes has inspired us! You are a truly amazing family!

  38. Greg & Becky,

    Shani shared your story with me, and I am saying prayers in Tampa, FL each day for your amazing Mighty Oakes!

  39. I also followed a link to your blog posted by a friend from high school (Nicole Weckherlin). I'll be praying for you guys and sending well wishes from Ridgecrest, CA. Your babies are beautiful.

    Joy Hill

  40. We have been praying for you so much here in Overland Park, KS. My daughter Claire asks about Oakes often and loves to see his pictures you post. I know we can't be there physically to help but the prayers are obviously coming from everywhere for you. He is an amazing boy and you are an amazing family. We will continue to pray and have asked many others to pray as well.

    The Koettker Family, Overland Park, KS

  41. Oakes is the Mighty Inspiration for me and my friends and fam here in Pittsburgh! We love you guys!

  42. Mighty BIG prayers going up for a Mighty BIG Oakes!! Love you guys.
    Kelli (Tranchina),Ryan,Bryson and Adisyn Sharpe

  43. Ortyl Family,
    I have been friends with Ellen Moriarty since highschool and am also a college friend of Holly Kunze. I first heard about your amazing son and family through Ellen's Facebook page. I am truly inspired by Oakes and all of you! Sending many prayers your way! Keep the updates coming!
    Liz Gorsuch (Kirkwood, MO :)

  44. All of Eureka, MO is on the prayer brigade for Mighty Oakes!! I am just speechless over this outpouring of emotion but certainly not surprised. Oakes has truly touched so many lives. Love you all!

    The Weckherlin Family

  45. I am inspired by your little man, and sending you much positive energy and prayers from near Tower Grove Park in St. Louis. Used to work with Amy George Rush and saw her FB post. You are a permanent page on my iPhone :). My little nephew Noah spent his first seven weeks in the hospital, but he's home and turning one on Friday. Go, Oakes! (Love his name.). And hugs to Isla for being such a brave and good big sister.

  46. We are sending love, thoughts, and prayers daily from our new home in Peoria, IL. Oakes's story and your family's strength has touched lots of our friends and family all over the country and we've found it to be a very small world. Rob's late grandfather was Dr. Jennifer Coles's anatomy professor in medical school and Rob's mom and grandma have been very happy to support Dr. Coles's legacy at SLCH and, by association, to hear updates frequently on the Mighty Oakes. We're pulling for miracles here and it seems like Oakes loves to deliver them! Love,
    Lynn Fingerhut, Rob and Henry Hawkins, Peoria, IL.

  47. I just wanted your family to know that my husband & I, our 4 kids & many of our friends are praying so hard for Oakes... I heard about him through my cousin Nicole Weckherlin & have been praying ever since. Your son & your family are such an inspiration to us. Life is so beautiful, so precious & every day is a blessing from God... We are praying you have many days & years with Oakes.

    With love & prayers from Hillsboro Missouri,
    Julie Nunn

  48. Oops,forgot to tell you our location.
    Covington, Louisiana
    Love to all,
    Ryan,Kelli (Tranchina),Bryson & Adisyn Sharpe

  49. Prayers are being raised up for your family from Julie, Graeme, Jacob, Greyson, Evie & Eliana out of Woodland, CA.

  50. We're praying too in Sweden and heading home to Singapore next week and will pray from there too. Interestingly, Singapore has an opt out policy for organ donation, so you have to fill out forms if you do not want to donate. Much love from me and my little ones to you and yours. Annie Sarnblad (friend of Amy George)

  51. It is so great to read about the love and prayers from all around.
    We know that OKC has been represented, but make the dot a little bigger because Kat and Phill are spreading the love!

  52. From right across the Mississippi in the horseradish capital of the world, prayers from the Mersingers in Collinsville, IL - sending them straight to you across the Poplar Street Bridge. (Friend of Lynn's)

  53. I didn't read all of the other comments, but you can add a dot in Lawrence, Kansas if you haven't already. You may have already made this connection after my previous comment, but Connie was one of my mom Sherry's good friends when she lived in Stillwater many moons ago. Back before Oakes was born I had contacted Connie about coming to my mom's birthday party, and I've been following the blog ever since and praying for you guys!

  54. Sending thoughts of strength and healing from Denver. I know Suzanne Gabris from high school in Ohio. And I'm an Internet addict, so please know that your blog won't go unread. Thanks for keeping us updated. So relieved for the good news, believing there will be many more good days to come.

  55. Cathy here -- in McKinney, Texas. Jim and I think and talk of you daily, and you know we continue to hold you all close. LOVE the map. How wonderful to see how cared about you all are. Love you, dear ones. Cathy

  56. Hi Ortyl Family,
    Prayers coming from Valencia, California. Although I have not formally met Greg, I know him thru PEG/Associated Partners. I'm in awe of the fight in little Oakes. What a special boy and a special family. Deanna L.

  57. Greg, Becky, Isla P and Oakesie, we are sending prayers, love and big, HUGE breaths multiple times a day to Oakes all the way from Canton, MI. (You can probably include, Ann Arbor, Plymouth and Ypsilanti - all in MI - b/c I've got my ladies on it too!)

    Noee, Benny, Marky and Marni all send their biggest squeezes and lots of kisses to baby cousin Might Oakes.

    Love you guys,
    Meg and Nick

  58. Praying constantly for Oakes and family from Indianapolis, IN. More prayers from mom and dad back in Saint Louis, KC in Charlotte, NC, and Liz in Oxford, MS.

    All of our love and prayers,
    The Wehkings

  59. We are praying for your family from Pittsburgh, PA. I learned of Oakes' struggle from your cousin Devin McShane. We stay updated through your blog and Devin's emails. Keep the faith, may God give Oakes the strength to continue to fight!

    Mary, Jay, and Brittany Quaquarucci

  60. We're cheering on Oakes from Granger, Iowa.

    Miranda Wahl (Jamie Wahl's sister) and Jacob Schick

  61. Becky, Greg, Isla & Oakes, We are praying for you every day. Larry (My husband) works for Greg and told me about Oakes before he was born. We have been praying since. Might Oakes has wiggled his way into our heart. He is truly amazing and a gift from God. We are in Alpharetta, GA. Larry, Michelle, Ashley, Brittney & Caley Wilson

  62. I am a friend of Lisa Banks and we have been following you guys since she told us about you. We are in Huntsville, Alabama and praying constantly for your sweet boy!!!!

  63. Elizabeth, Terry, Jackson, and Abigail- Chicago, IL sending lots of love to you guys!

  64. Becky, Greg, Isla & Oakes,
    Your family is in our thoughts every day, here in Acton, MA. My husband, Ed, worked with Greg at Fibertower. We check your blog many times a day to hear how your darling Oakes is doing and to cheer him on. What a strong and cute little guy!
    -Danielle and Ed Novak

  65. Prayers said daily for precious Oakes and strength for you all from Raleigh, NC!

  66. Mighty Oakes and Family,
    My husband and I went to highschool with Oakes' and Isla's Aunt Tina in Edmond, Ok and was asked to pray for your sweet family by a friend. The strength of your sweet baby boy and your entire family is an encouragement to so many, including us! We have prayed for miracles, continued strength, peace, and hope for you along the way. It is amazing to see that a tiny baby boy can touch so many from his warmer in the NICU. Lifting you up to our Heavenly Father.
    ~Mason, Jennifer, Ella, and Claire Zabel

  67. Well, you were by far my favorite college roomie! I'm so glad that we've had the opportunity to reconnect a bit. Your positive outlook and strength amaze me every day. I'm thinking of you every day and praying for Baby Oakes. Now you can put a dot on your map for Glen Carbon, IL :) -Jenny Lamping

  68. We've got Wildwood, MO, covering Mighty Oakes! The Gabris crew is praying multiple times a day for all of you...and truth be told, I check FB and the blog so many times each day that I might technically be a stalker :-) Here's to many more amazing updates and successes to share!
    Love to all,
    Suzanne, Adam and kiddos

  69. Hi Mighty Oakes and family!

    I am April and have been following your story from Manhattan Beach, Ca. I am one of Tina's pledge sisters and know how much she loves being Aunt T! It makes me so happy that Oakes is showing how strong he is on this long road he has been on! I am also an RN and currently working in the CVICU at Childrens Hospital in Los Angeles; so your story has been especially close to my heart:)

    Sending my love and many prayers,
    April Berry

  70. Becky,

    We went to BMHS, too long ago! I'm following your little Oakes' story from Toronto and praying for his recovery along with many friends here. Back home in OKC, my family prays too.

    ~Gabriela Durini

  71. Greetings from Birchwood, TN, (near Chattanooga). The St. Pierre family has been following Mighty Oakes's journey for just a short time, but we feel as though we know his strength and determination, as befitting his name! His story is an inspiration to us. May God continue to keep this precious one on the road to recovery and keep you all safe and strong in His love. Our prayers are for you daily!
    Marilyn & Cliff St. Pierre

  72. Although I'm praying for Oakes from the Lou today, I've typically got DC covered. Lots of deep breaths for our man and happy to be giving our heart strings a bit of a rest while I'm so close!

  73. I'm a friend of Christina's in Falls Church, VA. We're waiting for the birth of our first child (a girl) this weekend and I can't stop thinking abotu Oakes and your family. Stay strong, you're all amazing!!
    Lots of love and prayers to all of you,
    Lisa French

  74. I met Christina in college through our mutual friend Jill. Jill has been passing on the updates and prayer requests and I have kept your precious little Oakes in my prayers. Praying for you all as well
    Lots of prayers from Bartlesville, Oklahoma.
    Megan Proctor

  75. GBIO,
    I'm a friend of T's here in Tampa FL and definitely praying for all the Ortyls! Thank you for sharing your family's experience through this blog and what a wonderful way for Oakes to one day know how many people were pulling for him.

    Ray Campbell

  76. Howdy from Texas! I am a friend of Christina's from RealPage. You sister is amazing and I am blessed to know not only her but now of your family and Mighty Oakes!

    The entire Ramirez family prays for Oakes and your family everyday. Go OAKES!!!

    Love- Leslie, Reuben, Adam, and Ryan

  77. Hi there from Pittsburgh! I work with Gilliane and she has been sharing your updates.

    You are such a strong and loving family! Thoughts and prayers with you all!

    Your positive energy and love is exuded in each post and that is something quite special.

    Lots of love and prayers!

  78. I am happy to hear that the Mighty Oakes is defying the odds and proving how mighty he really is. Your family and friends are amazing and I love seeing the support from every one. Sending thoughts and prayers your way.

  79. GBIO -
    I am a friend of Becky's from our SLU college days. As a mother and physician, my heart and prayers go out to your family every day. Sending much love and healing power from Mayo Clinic/Rochester, Minnesota!
    Carrie Thompson

  80. Hi Ortyl Family,

    I am a friend of a friend (I went to SLU with Nicole Wekherlin) and have been keeping up with the Mighty Oakes progress. I just wanted to let you know that I will be praying for Oakes and your family daily until he is fully healed. It is so good to see that he had a good day yesterday, and I am praying for an even better one today.
    I would like to share my favorite verse with you. I hope it helps.
    "Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go."

    Sincerely, Tracy Niemeyer (STL)

  81. Hi Becky,

    Lots of prayers, love, and deep breaths from my family and church members in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

    Ann McMahon Wicker

  82. Aaron, Gina, Blair, BryleeAugust 4, 2011 at 7:49 PM

    I work for Jeff & Sarah and my daughter Blair watches the boys. Baby Oakes strength and courage is something we know you are proud of. Your daily blog is an inspiration to our family. We will continue to pray for Baby Oakes and your family. Thanks for sharing with us.
    Love, DeBorde's

  83. Prayers coming to you from St. Louis - I'm a friend of Lynn Fingerhut's from high school. What an amazing boy and family you have - keeping you all in prayer!
    -Janel E.

  84. Sending our love, thoughts, prayers and breaths from Ardmore Oklahoma! Baby Oakes is a fighter and we are sending all good vibes your way:)

    Love Emily & Allen Bynum

  85. Dear Ortyl Family,
    Prayers, love and thoughts are being sent from Tulsa, OK to Mighty Oakes and family. He is such a courageous fighter, looks like he gets it from his parents.

    Sending love and positive energy,
    Kodi (sister-in-law of Krista Herman)

  86. Your sweet little Oakes has been in my family's prayers in Edmond, Oklahoma. What a strong and courageous little man he is. Continued love and strength to your family!
    Kyle and Stephanie Nevels (friends of Josh and Ashley White)

  87. Netty (Gaudry) HaynieAugust 5, 2011 at 7:54 PM

    Becky, Greg, Isla, and Oakes--we're thinking of you guys and praying for you! My sister Paulette sent me the link so we've been keeping tabs on how things go for you all. Greg, Isla, and Oakes, I've never gotten to meet you guys, but hopefully one day we'll get to say hi! Love, Netty (Gaudry), Chris, Annette, Juliette, and Tommy Haynie

  88. Netty (Gaudry) HaynieAugust 5, 2011 at 7:56 PM

    ...and of course I forgot to say--we're in Washington DC now, so thinking and praying for you guys from here! Netty

  89. Lots of prayers coming from the Love family in Oklahoma City. I found out about Oakes from Danielle's blog and also my friend Erin Trice. I'm sure our paths have crossed somewhere along the way as I graduated from Casady in '93.
    Leigh Howell Love

  90. Hi, Ortyl family!

    My sister Janelle is a friend of Becky's, and I can't even tell you how hard I'm rooting for the Mighty Oakes! What a lil' fighter that cutie is! I am constantly praying for your entire family, and have asked everyone I know to pray for you as well. :)

    Sending lots of support and prayers and good thoughts your way!
    Julie Swieca Gannon
    Rolling Meadows, IL

  91. I was in Sarah's class at BMHS and we are praying for you and your beautiful family down here in Austin, Texas!
    Marcie Flinton Cochran and family