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Friday, August 5, 2011


I am getting ready to head home to be hang out with Isla, but wanted to post another good report on Oakes. He had an uneventful round of pheresis today, followed immediately by chemo. About an hour ago a drainage tube was placed in his abdomen to help eliminate fluids that he is not peeing out. Immediately his Doctor pulled out 70mL of fluid, and about 20 minutes later another 33mL. That is nearly 3.5 ounces, a lot of fluid for a 10lb baby. As much as we love the chubby cheeks they should disappear a bit this weekend because of the drain. Eliminating the fluids will make him more comfortable and will elevate pressure being placed on all of his organs, especially his lungs.

Rounds just passed, and Dr. Doctor summed up the week nicely. He shared that he is very pleased with what Oakes has done in the last week. He thinks Oakes' pace is a good one, and that he couldn't have asked for him to do more this week. That is my miracle baby named Oakes! Slow and steady, strong and stable with "mighty momentum"!

I am praying for a super boring weekend for the Ortyl's, but I hope that all of you have a few days of excitement and fun. Much love, Becky

Oakes & Kim...another girlfriend and admirer! We LOVE you, Kim!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my lil man.. I am gonna have to have a talk with Oakes in a bit about having so many girlfriends. I can't blame him though. He is soooo stinking cute!!! I will continue to pray for Oakes and you all :) Kim

  2. I petitioned a class at the gym to concentrate all of their deep breathes for sweet Oakes...had over 60 people sending their cleansing breathes to your mighty man! So happy to hear you had such a good day. Here's to many more uneventful, strong and steady days! Much love to all.

  3. What a great start to the weekend. Keep fighting, Oakes!!!! Can't stop thinking about you all!

  4. Hi Becky!
    This news makes my heart happy. While I was on my run tonight a song came on. It was I get by with a little help of my friends. I couldn't help but think about Oakes and how many of us are cheering for him. I hope you guys have a great weekend as well. Good, warm thoughts to Oakes.
    Chris s.

  5. I love how Oakes keeps breaking the mold! He just keeps amazing me. What a difference a week makes! Praying for a boring weekend and sending Oakes deep healing breaths.

  6. Sending healing breathes and lots of love and all our extra energy to Oakes. We continue to think about him every day and know he can make these lungs his own and win this fight! Love, Jake, Morghan, Hayden (3) and Ozzie (15months)

  7. I'm a huge believer in slow and steady. So this weekend I'm also sending thoughts for patience. I can't imagine how difficult it is for you three, even with good days, to be patience. I know I'm horrible at it. So here's to deep breaths, configured strength, and patience. Happy Saturday.