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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday....Oakes is 5 months old today!

First things first, good news. Test results came back very similar to the last pheresis test results. Some antibodies are gone, some have higher levels and some new antibodies are present. At this point is does not seem that pheresis has amounted to a huge amount of progress. However, yesterdays powerful medications should significantly reduce Oakes' production on antibodies. His team has agreed to start another 4 day round of heresis. They are hopeful that the results of this round will be more significant since it will be following all of the chemo. The doctor that I spoke with said that clinically Oakes looks to be improving, and that the transplant team is very encouraged. This round will start tomorrow and go til Sunday and they will recheck his antibody levels on Monday.

Oakes had a good day today. He was very restful but when he was awake was consistently agitated and working a little harder to breath. The doctors have been weaning his vent every 12 hours, and this evening turned the vent back up a bit. They suspected that he is not ready to have the vent weaned so quickly. I reminded Dr. Gazit that Oakes like a slow but steady pace.

I spent a big part of my day with Isla today and have just sat down for the first time today. Sorry, this is so brief, it is only because I am completely pooped! Tugs & Hugs from the Ortyls!


  1. Becky....such GREAT news!!!!! Continuing to pray for all of you. Thank you for the update!! short and sweet and Oakes would not have it any other way!!!

    Great reminds me of the majestic Oak trees on St. Charles Avenue...See they do not cut them down, but rather accommodate them because without the Oak trees it would not be St. Charles Avenue. They have made their impression just as your little one has!!!

  2. Encouraging news... Oakes just keeps chugging away! He has the best doctors and nurses in the world taking care of him, along with the love of a great family.


  3. Prayers continue for your mighty little man!