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Thursday, July 21, 2011

We've Got Lungs!!

We didn’t think we’d be emailing you all again so soon, but we really need everyone to upgrade their thoughts and prayers before you all go to bed tonight.  Barring any last minute issues, Oakes’ lung transplant happens tonight from about 10:30pm until about 5:30am.  We got a call this afternoon that was both breathtakingly exciting and incredibly nerve-racking….the nurse coordinator, Pegi, called and said they had an offer for lungs and that we needed to get to the hospital asap.  My mom zoomed over to the house to watch Isla, who was very visibly confused, and we zoomed off to the hospital. 


They are doing all kinds of tests on the Mighty Oakes and they’re also reviewing additional data on the donor lungs.  Just before the plane takes off to fly to the secret location, they’ll run another test on the oxygen/gas levels on the donor and if it checks out, they’ll fly to the location.  Once there, the “Harvest” surgeon and accompanying Fellow will do one last second visual check on location, then harvest the lungs, drop them in a Coleman cooler and zoom back to St. Louis.  The idea is to get the lungs into Oakes asap.


So there is still a chance that the last minute tests make the donor lungs unacceptable, in which case they’ll deem the mission a “dry run” and we’ll head back home and wait for better lungs.  But if the lungs check out alright, little Oakesie will wake up tomorrow morning a new man…or at least a man with new lungs.


We can feel everyone’s love and prayers and it keeps us comforted during this time.  I will do my best to keep you posted.




Greg, Becky, Isla P. & Mighty Oakes

The Mighty Oakes Heart Foundation

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