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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Mid-Day Update...

Just a quick update for those of you following.....Oakes had a good night (no 5am calls from the CICU!) and he is, thus far, having an okay morning. Bill and Jan drove in from North Carolina last night and visited Oakes at 5am and Connie was up there before 7am. This is allowing me and Becky to get much-needed errands done, which is so "dreamy", as Beck would say.

Oakes was stable enough this morning that they tried weaning his vent a bit, but he didn't like that, so they turned it back up. This shows how sensitive his lungs are right now. In the past he's been able to get weaned aggressively. Right now, with the rejection and related inflammation and mucus, weaning isn't working yet.

Connie said Dr. Huddleston came by and just shook his head looking over Oakes and made a comment along the lines of "another extraordinary condition, nothing unusual for Oakes."

I uploaded a video via YouTube from my phone last night, but I can't find it on the website now, so hopefully I can post that later today.

We'll try to post a couple updates a day. Love you all.


  1. I can't say it enough: Oakes is in great hands at SLCH and they have and will continue to take amazing care of him. He has a great family and is loved by all of us!

  2. So many people are sending thoughts of love and strength. Thank you for the updates.

  3. That lil guy continues to live up to his moniker, The Mighty Oakes. He's amazing and we will continue to send him healing and happy energy from Seattle, xo, the Leeds fam