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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Oakes is 4 Months Old Today!

And he is doing better than ever and looking cuter than ever. As soon as I got to the hospital this morning, I got busy getting ready for our photo shoot. Oakes got a bath, his hair washed, toenails trimmed, and about a dozen nibbles to the neck and another two dozen kisses!

Have we mentioned Oakes has 2 teeth? (if you click on the photo it will open much larger in another window so you can really see his pearly whites!)

Mid-shoot a nurse came in and offered to take a few pics, do we look alike?

Right after the photo shoot I dressed him and snuggled him back in bed where he quickly dozed off. But not before he smiled a few more times....

I asked if he was tired and he responded, "Just a little bit!"

And have we mentioned that he has found his thumb?!

Sucky-thumb sleeping with a smile, what a great day we have had....We love my little Oakesie!


  1. Happy 4 Months-Old Oakes! You look so handsome in your photo shoot. I especially love your two new teeth!!! Sending lots of positive thoughts and prayers to Mighty Oakes!!!
    Ellen :)

  2. Dear Oakes Lee, you remind me of your cousin Aidan Rowan McShane. Love seeing you smile, hiccup, suck your thumb, and just being better. Happy birthday and may you have many many more.
    Love to your big sister, Isla, and momma and poppa.
    Aunt Honey and Uncle Mark and all your PA family

  3. Hi Oakesie! I just wanted to make sure you know that I miss you so much and love seeing those big smiles so keep them coming! If you get a second remind your momma to record more of your chatting! We all love seeing it.
    xoxox. t.

  4. You guys don't know me, but I'm friends with Suzanne Gabris- from high school. Yes, a long time ago. She asked for prayers for you guys, and that's one thing that I can do. I just wanted to send thoughts of strength and joy for your latest post. It does my heart good to see smiles on your faces, as I follow your journey and send healing thoughts your way. May the good days keep coming; you have lots of people pulling for you.