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Friday, July 22, 2011

Transplant Update #5

Dr. Caroline Lee, Oakes' cardiologist just came to our waiting room. She had just left the OR where she was there checking on Oakes' blood flow. She let us know that Dr. Huddleston thought that things were going "okay". This is a very typical comment from Dr. H (not a lot of commentary), but it is encouraging and Dr. Lee agreed. It was good to see her as she has been with us since October when Oakes was diagnosed and we have asked her to be on our Board for The Mighty Oakes Heart Foundation.

Just as I was typing this, Dr. Eghtesady, the other cardiothoracic surgeon along with Dr. Huddleston, dropped by the room. We didn't know this, but he was in on the surgery helping Dr. H. Dr. Eghtesady said he thought Dr. H did a great job and that overall the surgery went well. He also said that Oakes is off the heart and lung machine. He mentioned a little bit of hypertension in his veins, but nothing terrible and it was kind of expected. So he thought Dr. H would have Oakesie all patched up in another 30-45 minutes from right.....NOW!

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