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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Midnight update.

So far, our evening has been quiet and uneventful. Greg and I have been sitting in Oakes dark room while he comfortably sleeps. We both have laptops out, and we are listening to classical music.

We just got an update that surgery is now scheduled for 2:45am. Even though we got THE call at about 3:15pm, the donors hospital was still trying to confirm recipients for other organs up to just a few hours ago.

I was in the cafeteria forcing myself to eat something when I heard the hospital helicopter lifting off of its roof top landing pad. I got goosebumps thinking that could be our transport team leaving, and minutes later Greg texted me telling me about the 2:45am re-shcedule. I'm convinced that was our team leaving.

Isla is at home sleeping with Grandma Jane tonight and the Foxes are pouring into St. Louis again. We have been receiving comforting calls, emails, texts, and Facebook messages non-stop. We feel the love. Please, keep it coming!

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