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Friday, July 22, 2011

Transplant Update # 1

They just took Oakesie back to the OR. Becky was able to carry him right to the steps of the OR, so that was fun. Oakes was smiling, happy, strong and sucking vigorously on his thumb. Connie and Sal made it up from Oklahoma before they took Oakes back so us four showered him with kisses and pep talks and off he went.

We'll get updates about every 60-90 minutes and will try to keep those insomniacs amongst you happy! For those of you following along live, we have a treat for you! This is just a classic picture of Oakes mere seconds before they took him around the corner to the OR. He had peacefully fallen asleep after many smooches to his head!

Greg, Beck, Isla, Oakes

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