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Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday morning.

We got a call at 5:30AM from Oakes' sweet nurse that he has had a few significant changes over night, and she thought we should come in. For one, his rash is back and getting worse. His platelets are really low so they have started giving him platelets through an IV. The most significant change is that the vent is not working for him like it has been. His oxygenation is good, he just isn't moving air and his CO levels or blood gases are way off (a normal range would be 3-40 and he is around 100.) The nurses are currently moving him onto an oscillator from the vent, which will increase his respiratory rate but should help to move air out of his lungs more efficiently. The risk is that this may be too much pressure on his lungs, but its our best option right now.

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