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Friday, July 22, 2011

Post-Op Update #1

Oakes is now in his CICU his room and is resting peacefully. He looks great, his numbers are all great, in fact they have already started to wean his vent! Getting ready for a Bronchoscopy - Doctors will take a peak into Oakes airway to see if everything looks good and will also take a culture of the lung tissue to test it and see how the lungs are reacting so far.

In the meantime, here are a few pics from yesterday and today.

Isla & Oakes right before we walked out of the door to head to the hospital.

Ga-moom Jane & Gam-poom Ortyl rushed to the house to smooch Oakes and stay with Isla overnight.

Just hanging out being mighty cute before surgery.

Aunt Sally and Ena got here at about 1:30am. Plenty of time to snuggle before heading off.

Oakes got lots of love and a few pep talks pre-op.

THE Coleman cooler. Martha Stewart may have an opinions on how this gift was presented and delivered, but we sure don't! (our camera went with Oakes into the OR and I think this is the only picture we will be posting!)

Pappa giving Oakesie a little post-op pep talk. We are so proud of him and so in awe of his continued strength.


His new room & all of his stuff.

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