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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Today's report.

Oakes this morning in his cute stripped shirt.

Last night just sucked. It was a hard night. While Greg was here visiting Oakes his paralytic started wearing off and immediately Oakes started fighting the vent, so Greg witnessed all of Oakes' alarms going off, nurses flooding in the room, his numbers were out of control, they quickly bagged him and just all of the stress and the scary flurry that sometimes comes with a baby that needs critical care. And right before that happened, Greg had just had a sobering conversation with Dr. Gazit about what is going on with Oakes. Not really new news, just a conversation that we have had before, and that just feels like a kick in the gut. Last week we were day dreaming of getting out of the joint in a few weeks and after last night, that seems like a million miles away.

When I got here this morning, I had a similar conversation with Gazit. The upside is that in the 12 hours that Greg spoke to him, Oakes has remained stable, his numbers look better, he has been peeing more, and the preliminary results have come back positive. So, the plan for the day: Keep it boring, do not attract a crowd, fly under the radar, fly outta here - go to his happy place!, HEAL, rest, pee and keep amazing everyone.

I have to share... I got lots of messages about praying for pee, and I think they have helped with Oakes and with little Miss. Isla! Last night for the first time she went pee in the potty, and then again this morning before school! Hooray! In 3 days she has transitioned to a "big girl bed" and is telling us she wants to sit on the "big girl potty." We have been loving the last several months with her, but looking forward with these new milestones is so exciting!

Thanks again for all of the LOVE, prayers and support!


  1. Ugh, hate the rollercoaster ride. I hope you get off it soon. Oakes does look a little puffy. Praying for more pee and wtg Isla. That is awesome.
    Hoping the final result is looking good.
    Think of you every single day.

  2. Prayers for boredom to set in, and for more pee! PS Maybe Isla can share some of that "big kid" attitude about peeing on the potty with Kevin, as he's totally against it! Love to all in the Ortyl house,
    The Gabris crew

  3. Hi Becky,
    Dislike all the shenanigans over there! I hope you are bored to tears today. Fingers crossed for good results today.
    Hugs and smooches to you all-

  4. Hope today was uneventful. I'm sure that Oakes just needed some rest, which I hope all of you got today. YEAH for Isla!!! Big girl all the way-here's to a few calm days, with lots of pee, smiles, and deep breaths.

  5. Thinking of you guys! Elizabeth, Jackson,and Abigail <3

  6. Prayers for rest, recovery and pee! Oakes has been through so much, and look how far he's come! He's probably reminding everyone not to rush him :)