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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thursday's Upate.

I will share more details later, but I have been having blog-guilt and I had to post a quick update. So Oakes has made a few small improvements over the last couple of days. His numbers have improved, his urine output is up, and the second of three parts of the biopsy have come back negative for rejection - which is HUGE, HUGE, HUGE!

Oakes remains paralysed and sedated. His team is now suspicious that he is having a problem with his heart now, since we know his lungs are improving. We will go to the Cath lab on Monday to measure all of the pressures in this veins and arteries to see where the issue is.

Like I mentioned, I will post more details soon, as well as some really "presh" images!

Love & plenty of Tugs to all of our friends!


  1. SO, SO thankful to hear that there is no more rejection. That's fantastic!!! Onto the next hurdle, you can do it, Mighty Oakes!!


  2. Hoping so much that there is continued improvement. You can do it Oakes!
    Love, Jake, Morghan, Hayden (3years) and Ozzie (15 months).