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Monday, September 19, 2011

Status Update #3.

Another call from Shannon. Oakes still doing great. They are now ballooning his right pulmonary artery. Once this is complete they will remeasure pressures and may opt to go back and stint both arteries to keep them open.


  1. Hi Becky and Greg!
    Everyone here on the Disney mini van express (still driving. It's awesome) is sending you all some good thoughts. Hurry back Oakes-

    Chris s

  2. Wonderful news. I hope this will help Oakes so he can come home!!! What a strong, strong boy you have.

  3. You are a status updating rock star today. And I so appreciate it. Thank you. It means so very much to all of us breathing for the four of you. And thank you for the photos too. I'm sure Oakes has visited at least 5 of your 12 suggested destinations so far, and I'm sure he appreciates the words very much. It give me chills (yes, and tears) to think about your relationship with him. He is loved, and it warms my heart.

  4. Hoping you have had a chance to visit, blow or lay smooches on, and whisper words of encouragment to your sweet Oakes by now....we are continuing to think of you throughout our days. Thank you a million times over for the beautiful sharing, both of your photos that capture so much and you amazing words that inspire. Lifting you ALL up! Adam, Suz, Nate, Mallory and Kevin