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Monday, September 19, 2011

Status #4.

Oakesie still doing great. Procedure is complete and has been successful. Dr. M ended up putting stints in both arteries Greg and I are anxious to talk to Dr. Murphy to get more details when they return Oakes to his room (in about 30 minutes-ish). We are excited to see our guy!


  1. Go Oakes!!! Can't wait to hear how he continues to heal. Amazing little man he is.

  2. Go Oakes! Hopefully the lungs, heart and arteries and veins all cooperating together at the same time can bring some big strides for progress. Thinking of you guys all day and the wicked roller coaster. Praying for continued graces and strength.

  3. Yah, Mighty Man! Hope you all feel the love and begin to heal and recover...

  4. Good news at the end of a long, tough day! Another challenge overcome by Mighty Oakes. Thanks for the updates.