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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Post Bronch, Biopsy & Balloon

Oakes before he headed down to the OR. Adorable smiles in his sleep, just what I needed to see.

And once he came back! Still adorable.

So, Oakes' trip to the OR went as planned yesterday. No surprises. Biopsies were taken and sent to the lab. Results back probably tomorrow at the end of the day. The ballooning of the scar tissue went well. Dr. H said that it ballooned open really nicely which is encouraging. He said that sometimes they need to balloon these areas 4-5 times, so they will look again in 2 weeks to see if the ballooning needs to be repeated.

Oakes came back from the OR heavily sedated and looking pretty puffy. Once he started waking up he was fighting the vent and his numbers and blood gases were bad so they paralysed him to take control of his breathing. We got a call at 5:30 am telling us of this and the fact that they were giving him some blood - his hemoglobins were really low. He ended up getting paralyzed again later in the morning, but that has since worn off and his number are looking better.

Yesterdays procedures have definitely set us back a good week at least, but I'm hoping that in a week he will be awake more, smiling, moving around more, with his vent settings lower and hopefully in my arms!


  1. So happy to hear the procedure went well! Oakes deserves some major R&R! Praying that you will be seeing sweet smiles and holding your baby boy very soon!

  2. Beautiful pix as always! So glad the procedure went well, looking forward to good news about the biopsies.

    Love and heart string tugs