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Monday, September 26, 2011


Oakes went down to the OR for his ballon dilation less than an hour ago, and we just got the call that he is coming back up.

Hoping for an uneventful rest of the day for our little acorn and a easy meeting for Greg and I around 3pm.

5:20 Update: Our meeting has been pushed back to Wednesday. There is a girl in room 6 that needed everyone attention for most of the day today, so no one could get away to chat with us, which we are totally fine with. Prayers going to room 6 tonight.

Everyone that was supposed to be in the meeting swung by to say hello and give me a talk before the talk. Overall everything sounded positive. Oakes still has a few unknowns, he is so far from the norm, and is continuing to cause these brainiacs to scratch their heads and shrug their shoulders, but the fact that he has remained unparalyzed all weekend is HUGE. Dr. Michelson said something like, "Last week this meeting would have gone in a totally different direction, but now that Oakes is holding his own again, we have new options to talk about"....Thank god for new options! Thank god for the change that can happen in one day. If anyone is keeping track of all of the miracles that this boy has had in his life, count this one too!

Hugs to all of Oakes friend, and thank you for the prayers.....they continue to work!
XO, Becky


  1. Love the acorn...what a beautiful symbol! It's always hard to have significant events delayed in the CICU. I think Oakes just needs a couple more days to amaze them some more!


  2. Beautiful picture. We'll keep sending everything good for Oakes. Keep amazing us Oakes!

    Jake, Morghan, Hayden (3) and Ozzie (16mo)

  3. I agree with Kim :-)
    My heart goes out to the family in room 6. Always thinking of you guys.