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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

View From The CICU....

It's about 10 after 1am. My good buddy, Derek Falb, totally surprised me and dropped by to visit Oakes. I'm still stunned they let him through security considering his background - actually security DID stop him. But it was fun to talk about Oakes and what we've been through the last couple weeks. It was also fun to chat about nothing related to hearts or tracheas or genetic testing. I appreciate his wife letting him skip out tonight. The only things missing were a few cold beverages.

As for Oakes himself, he is doing great. They have run several "labs" on him, which I have deduced are quick blood tests that they can review and compare to previous tests. All of his labs have come back good. Dr. Behrens, the Attending Physician at night this week, has stopped by many times to check on him. The only issue that he is having really at this point is his blood pressure. When I got here at 8:30pm, it was too low for the doctors' comfort level so they gave him some medication that helps boost it a bit. Then as Derek got here a couple hours ago, the blood pressure alarm went off indicating it was a bit high, so Mary, our nurse, came in and, after consulting with Dr. Behrens, stopped the one med they gave him earlier and started a different med that would assist in lowering the blood pressure. Mary called it a delicate balancing act, which I thought was appropriate.

It was Dr. Behrens who told me earlier today that the first 6-8 hours post-op would be the time to really watch him and we're past that. Of course, as I type, an alarm went off and I just got word from Dr. Behrens that his last lab was worse than the last one and obviously not the direction they want them going. So, the balancing act continues, they're raising his CO2 and reducing a medication. The nurse mentioned he looks better than his labs indicated, which I'd have to agree with, but I'm definitely a bit worried. Hopefully they get things headed back in the right direction soon!

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