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Friday, March 11, 2011

Oakes Lee Ortyl

Sorry for the delay!! It's your friendly guest-blogger and new father of TWO. We have been having computer troubles and we still are to some extent, but we wanted to get some pictures at least from our phones to everyone. I apologize for the poor quality, we'll work on that over the next 48 hours, but in the meantime, here is Oakes Lee Ortyl.
Here is mama & papa just about 15 minutes into Oakes' life.

Becky was awesome throughout the process. We got to the hospital at 9am and Oakes joined us at 7:48pm. Three pushes and he was out.

Here is the gorgeous Oakes, albeit a little blurry...they put an IV in through his forehead which is the bandage at the top of his head.

Here's Oakes resting peacefully.

Here is a good look at this dark hair. They gave him a bath shortly after this and revealed super soft, dark brown, spiky hair....just like his big sister, Isla P.

Here is Connie and Oakes. We named the baby Oakes Lee Ortyl. We're not sure where Oakes came from, but Lee is Connie's middle name. We know he'll have a super strong heart (amongst other things) being named after Connie!

More later. Cannot thank everyone enough for all of the well wishes, prayers, thoughts, notes, kisses and love. It's been absolutely overwhelming. The only thing we can ask is that you please, please, please keep it up. The surgery is not scheduled yet and we'll need all of your love more than ever!
Thanks to everyone.
Greg, Becky, Isla AND Oakes (!)

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