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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Much Love.

Just a quick note to our family and friends. We have been overwhelmed with the most amazing and most supportive emails, texts, and phone calls. We have individuals, families, entire churches and prayer groups praying for us from coast to coast and even on the other side of the world! We are so very humbled.

Please keep the prayers and good energy coming, they must be working because we feel the love! Greg and I are feeling very strong, very calm, and very united. We definitely have our "moments" but for the most part we are focused on this surgery next week, beginning recovery, continuing to love all over little Oakes and bringing him home.

Oakes is still very stable and just SO strong. He is amazing. He gets fussy during the day when the nurses unswaddle him to take his temp and poke at him a bit, but with some soothing he always calms down. He has started taking a little pacifier which seems to help. Greg was with him almost of the day today so he witnessed the fussing on and off, but also got to steal several precious moments with Oakes snuggled up sleeping in his arms.

Our house is pretty calm right now. We are trying to divide and conquer when it comes to Isla. She is so tuned in and so smart, she knows something is a bit off, but has been adjusting and handling this as well as we could hope for. My mom has been here non stop and has been an amazing help. She has been taking the early shift at the hospital and has stolen a few moments of her own with Oakes. As well, I have had both sisters in town and Dale, my step father.....all amazing support in so many ways!

I am convinced that Oakes is an amazing soul and in the least will teach Greg, Isla and I so much. He is so sweet, and so peaceful, and we can not help but beam when we talk about him or are around him! His nurses just love him, and they all comment about how beautiful he his.....and what mother doesn't want to hear that? And there always seems to be small talk about his dashing head of hair, we just hope that he keeps it!

I will keep you updated as we learn more. I just had to reach out to all of you. Please keep the prayers coming, they are working!

Much love to all of you,
Becky & Greg, Isla & little Oakes

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  1. Our prayers are with you and your family. Please let us know if there is anything you need.
    The Donato Family