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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Another Milestone!

Ever since Oakes had his chest closed today Greg and I have been standing by. He has been so peaceful all afternoon and his breathing isn't nearly as labored as it has been in the past. He has started twitching and moving around a bit, which has been comforting to see. It is just amazing to look at him and think about all that his little body has been through in just 13 days. We are so thankful that he has done this well so far, and we are convinced it is because of the vortex of love and healing that surrounds him! I know Greg has said it, but thanks for all of the love and prayers, and please, keep them coming!!

Our guest blogger, blogging away!!
....and Nell, one of Children's resident K-9 therapists, she stopped by to say "Hi" to some of the bigger kids on the floor!


  1. I mean I was getting teary seeing Mighty Oakes all bandaged up and being proud of him for being such a warrior. Then I saw Nell and laughed out loud. I feel like she is looking at you like "is there a problem here? Why wouldn't i be wearing this outfit?!?!"

  2. So glad to hear all of the new news! Way to go Oakes!
    And little Isla looked so sweet getting her toenails painted!


  3. Love that Vortex of healing love and energy. We're feeding lots of power to all of you. Alex had a lot of those tubes and connections throughout his ICU career. Fun to see them take them away one by one. Keep being strong!

  4. He looks great...we will keep sending the positive thoughts and prayers.