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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oakes Lee Ortyl.

Headed to the hospital....

Isla pointing out her brother.

And giving him a kiss.

Mom and Oakes the day after he was born.

Holding Papa's pinky finger.
Oakes has an IV in his forehead and pulled it out at some point so the bandage has blood on it...not so cute, but serving a great purpose!

The day after Oakes was born Isla visited him in the NICU. She just looked from afar and wasn't sure what think. She was shy but very curious. After about five minutes she was blowing kisses and waving goodbye. It was SO MUCH FUN to introduce our little tootbug to her new baby brother.

Oakes while Isla was visiting.

He has a beautiful head of very soft & fine, dark spiky hair, and just handsome little facial features!

Mama and Oakes.

Oakes' first bottle.

...and his skinny little legs!
We are SO in LOVE with our little man!
He is strong, yet peaceful every time we see him. He loves snuggling with mama. He has been opening his left eye and it looks gray like Isla's eyes, but he has yet to really open his right eye. We see him try to open it every once in a while and it's so cute to watch his little eye brows raise trying to get a peek at mama and papa.
He's not needing oxygen and breathing completely on his own; very stable. Today, he was moved from the NICU to the CICU, which means he's a bit closer to surgery. It appears as though the surgery, barring delays (which are likely), will be Tuesday. We checked out of the hospital today and intend to get a good night's sleep to rest up for a big week!
We just love our little guy and can't wait to bring him home!

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