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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oakes Is Out Of Surgery

At 3:28PM, Dr. Huddleston visited us in our little room. It was very anti-climactic. We knew, as you can see below in the post, that the surgery was over and that Oakes was doing well but we didn't know if there were any issues during the surgery. Turns out, there were no issues during surgery which is great. Dr. Huddleston said there are four major milestones to reach. First, is surgery. So we are past that one. Second, is getting through the first 24 hours. This is a critical time in how Oakes' body recovers and starts the long process of healing. It's typical during this time to have various complications arise. Doctor H said if we have issues, we want there to be a few minor ones rather than one major one. The third milestone is closing the chest wound, which will probably take place Thursday. Doc said we need to be sure it's not too tight in there when they close it. The fourth major milestone is taking Oakes off the breathing machine. He said he'll probably be off the machine some time Sat or Sun, possibly even Monday. Babies typically can go off the breathing machine 24 hours after the wound is closed, but Doc said he'd use a bit more caution considering the tracheal repair which could add a day or two until this happens.

Overall, he said he was happy with how it went and that his vital signs are good. His lungs and heart started working again right as they brought him off the bypass machine, so he's cooperating so far!

We're going to visit Oakes around 4:30pm in the CICU. I'm probably finished with posts for a while, but will probably send a quick email to everyone tonight...for all of those non-blog followers.

Love you all!

Greg, Becky, Isla & Oakes

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