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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oakes Chest Is Closed

The procedure just completed (yes, they moved it to 11am vs 1pm). Dr. Huddleston said it went great. He said the next six hours are critical. Worst case is they'd have to open him back up but Dr. H said he'd be "surprised" if that was the case based on the fact that everything looked so good and that it didn't appear too tight for his heart. The Mighty Oakes moves on...

Since the next six hours are critical I'll wait to update everyone some time tonight!

Greg, Becky, Isla and Oakes


  1. M-I-G-H-T-Y O-A-K-E-S!!!!
    We're so happy for you all. Prayers flowing from Tulsa.... Sal and boys

  2. After all this his nickname may well be MO!
    I think Greg and Becky have been amazing through this.
    I spent six weeks straight at Children's with nephew who had malignant
    brain tumor at 5. Children's saved his life.


  3. This good news makes me happy. The unfinished opening in his chest was an uneasy feeling. Now the surgery is closed and everything about it sounds good.