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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Week 38, 13 days and counting!

Basically, Baby Ortyl is as developed now as she will be at birth. For the next two weeks she is just gaining weight, nearly an ounce a day. She is squirming around all of the time, especially late at night when I am trying to sleep!

I think we are ready for Baby Ortyl. The nursery is complete, minus the glider, but it should be shipped to us later this week. I went to Babies R Us over the weekend with my Mom and purchased all of the missing "stuff" that we needed. Everything has been washed, organized, hung and tested. Greg and Dale wrapped up a few small projects in the nursery, installed the baby seats in the car, and and even reorganized the garage so that I will have more room to get in and out of the car with the pumpkin seat. (Thanks guys!) Greg and I need to double check our hospital bags, but I think we are about as ready as we can be...big sigh!

We had a great weekend with my Mom and Dale over the weekend. Connie stayed busy in the kitchen, as usual, which we loved. She also helped with some baby shopping which I mentioned. Dale helped with projects around the house, and we had plenty of free time to hang out and chat one last time before the baby arrives. It was a relaxing but still very productive weekend!

Thanks Connie and Dale!

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  1. Soooo, I'm curious, who has gained more weight during this pregnancy? Becky, Greg or Ashby??? You seem to be baking more than usual, I guess that's your way of "nesting."
    Can't wait to meet Baby Girl Ortyl, wonder if she'll have a sweet tooth like mommy and daddy.