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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This is why Ashby is referred to as a Rat Dog!

Every morning after Ashby eats she does a quick run-through of the house. She starts upstairs then works her way to the main floor then the basement. She just sniffs out the place looking for stuff to get into, trash cans mainly, but she's been found digging through Becky's purse, visitors luggage, I'm sure she's just following her nose. She'll eat used tissue paper, lip balm, gum, any food she can find....she is just a huge Rat. (I'm scared to think about what she will do with a dirty diaper!)

So this morning I heard her upstairs romping around. I went up to find a half eaten brand new bar of her Papa's soap laying on the bedroom floor! I'm sure it smelled like Greg after a hard days work/yummy Coast soap. I left the shower door open last night (Sorry, Greg) and I'm sure she was scheming all night about getting that irresistible bar of soap! See...Rat Dog!

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