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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Doctor's update: Week 37

{I got home from the Dr and plopped down on a chair to chat with Greg. In about a minute Ashby was in the chair with me, she apparently thinks she's a lap dog. Look at that big belly!}

I just got home from the Doctor's office and all is well.

Baby's heartbeat was strong, my belly is measuring just exactly what it should be (although I think it is huge!) I am not dilated at all, so she is still cooking and doing what she needs to.

The last few nights she has put on a real show for us, just kicking away. I need to set up the camera to see if I can get a short video to share. I have started having really obvious contractions. They are not consistent at all, but at least now I know what they feel like.

We are getting ready for another snow storm....hope you are all warm and dry!

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