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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Jane and Greg Ortyl visit Colorado

{Big Greg, Little Greg , Jane and Little Ash}

Thursday night Greg's parents, Jane and Greg arrived at our house to visit for the weekend.
We have been looking forward to their visit all week. On the agenda has been...

1. To unpack Baby gifts that they brought back from our St.Louis shower several weeks ago. We did this.

2. For Big Greg to visit Lowry Air Force base where he was stationed some 45 years ago. He did this yesterday. It's now closed and is a historical site.

3. Jane to teach Little Greg (Becky's Greg) how to make the family recipe for Mostaccoli and "Sauce". This happened last night, see pics below...

3. to relax, visit and hang out. We've done a little of this, need to do some more.

5. To visit Estes Park, where Jane and Greg honeymooned (almost 40 years ago!)

6. To have a feast of a Easter brunch/Birthday celebration for Little Greg (Birthday Wed, April 15, tax day).

{Jane and Greg}

{Meatballs and Sauce. Mom and son working side by side}

{The goods. This is like a bowl of gold to any Ortyl.}

{Moral support, Big Greg and Ashby.}

For the full photo album click here.

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