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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Week 36, she's gainin' weight, and gettin' down!

Our wrinkly, tiny baby that we saw in earlier ultrasounds has given way to an almost plump baby. There is fat on our baby’s cheeks, and powerful sucking muscles also contribute to our baby's full face. Baby O now weighs a little under 6 pounds (she will continues to put on weight by about 1/2 pound each week!) and is about 19 inches in length. Baby O can now drop into the birth canal, readying herself for birth, any day now. (I hope this will be obvious for everyone to see in pics that we take. As soon as I start carrying her lower we will document and post!)

Good week again. Greg was out of town all week, so that was stinky, but he is back and Ash and I are happy to have him home. No more travel till Baby. Today we celebrated our 6th Anniversary with Brunch at our favorite breakfast place, then I made Key Lime Pie for dessert. Yum. Snow is coming down, and we're gearing up for another week. Baby bedding arrived Friday, I ran out and got a mattress so I could make the bed. Love it. Between the crib and bedding I'd love to climb in for a little nap myself! Will add pics. Be sure to email me your guesstimate of when Baby O arrives...

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