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Friday, February 13, 2009

Ideas for Baby Ortyl's Nest:

We're going for modern and colorful, girly but not so babyish. Kind of the same, anything goes, "if we love it, it will all work together somehow" idea we have about our house in general. We hope its gonna be super cool!

1. The coolest crib ever, slightly loved and drooled on, being lent to us by Becky's sister Sarah. Thanks Broermann's (let us know when you gonna need it again!)

2. Eames, Hang-it-all. A gift that Greg gave me way back when we were dating! click here.

3. Well of course there is gonna be lots of love in that room. We love her already and can't wait to meet her!!

4. The graphic fabric that Becky is using to make bedding for the little one!

5. The best glider we have found yet. We want one that looks cool, glides, and is wide enough and tall enough for both of us.

6. "Keep calm and carry on" poster, of course. click here. To be hung over the changing table. Seems very appropriate, right?! Cool history to the poster, click here.

7. Art work. Saw it on a fab blog, not sure who did it, but I'm going to borrow the idea and paint a huge canvas to go over the crib. I'm thinking graphic, colorful, moths or bugs of some kind. click here. (Scroll down a bit, image is on the right)

8. Knobs for the fixer-upper dresser. Maybe in turquoise or yellow? click here.

9. Oh, that old thing? Becky picked this "old crusty" dresser up at an estate sale. It was a deal and with a little love will be a perfect changing table/dresser for Baby Ortyl. (I'll be sure to post the "after" pics)

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