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Friday, May 1, 2009

She's On Her Way...

First of all, you are hearing from a guest blogger today. Becky, author of the ol' Baby Ortyl Blog, will be out of commission for a couple days here. So her thoughtful husband, Greg, is taking over the reins!

So Beck went to the doctor's office yesterday for her regular weekly check up. During the ultrasound, the doctor noticed the amniotic fluid was a bit low, not very low, but lower than it should be. Considering we're due Sunday, the doctor said she would like to induce last night or today (Friday). Beck called me in a bit of a panic asking what we should do. It was all her call, so we opted for Friday.

Beck was texting her mom and sisters from the doctor's office, so Connie and Sal both flew in from Oklahoma and were here by 8:30pm last night. Connie, Beck and I had a quick dinner - some good ol' barbeque (Beck's Last Supper). The more Beck thought about it throughout the night, the more she figured it made more sense to get checked in to the hospital last night, get some help falling asleep and target a delivery later today. So that's what we did! We checked in about 11pm last night and both slept very well.

Beck just took her 3rd inducement pill (layman's term) and we'll figure out around noon if she needs another. Her doctor just arrived and will be on call until 7pm, so we're hoping our little girl will arrive in the next few hours. Beck is doing great and I can tell she's ready to just crank through this today. Here are a couple pics from the last 24 hours...

Here we are in our hospital room where our little baby girl will arrive.

Here I am trying to convince our rambunctious little girl to relax, let her mom sleep and to make it down the chute quick!

Here's my adorable pregnant wife all hooked up and ready to pass out for the night...

And finally, worth their weight in GOLD, the Fox girls getting after it! They gave Beck a back, leg and foot massage. This is Connie demonstrating some Thai yoga techniques on Beck's feet. I think I was checking fantasy baseball stats at the time.

We'll try to keep you posted as much as possible throughout the next couple of days. We're excited, anxious, scared, unprepared (that's really just me) and can't wait! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. More later...

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